10 ways teachers can make extra money with a side hustle

Working as a teacher usually means you get some free time during the summer or in the evenings. Use your spare time to earn some extra money.

Whether you’re working as a teacher in a full-time or part-time capacity, there may be times when you feel the need to have an additional source of income. In fact, having more than one source of income is good from a financial point of view. Supplemental income will go a long way in helping you grow your savings and emergency funds.

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As teachers, you may have free time on your hands every now and then, especially during the holidays or in the evenings. There are plenty of side hustles you can consider to boost your income. Here are a few of them. 

Become a tutor 

Tutoring is one of the best options if you’re looking to make some extra money. Not only does it coincide with what you’re already doing, but it is also extremely flexible. For example, you can take sessions after school, one-on-one, in groups, or even online.

You can stick to the topics of your expertise and help students who are interested in the same. Or you can choose to help students prepare for ACT and SAT. The average wages earned by a tutor are around $17 per hour. But this could vary depending on the experience you have and the subjects you teach. 

Look for substitute teacher jobs 

Taking up a job as a substitute teacher can earn you a good amount of money during your summer break. Additionally, you’ll get to meet new students at a new school. Since summer school is usually shorter than regular school hours, you may get plenty of time for your own activities as well. If this is something you would be interested in, simply walk up to the nearest school in your district and see if they have positions open. 

Offer music or art lessons

If you have a talent in music or art, you could make extra money by offering lessons in them. A lot of parents look to enroll their kids in summer classes for music and art or even on school days after school hours, or on weekends. This is one way of using your passion and skill to generate an additional source of income. You can choose to teach students in person or online too. 

Create and sell lesson plans 

Creating and selling lesson plans is a way to get side income passively. Better yet, if you like creating lesson plans or have already made a few, you can sell them to other teachers who are looking for the same. Websites like Teacherspayteachers and Sharemylesson are good places to sell your lesson plans online. 

Become a virtual assistant 

As a teacher, no doubt you have strong organizing and time management skills. You can put them to good use by getting a job as a virtual assistant. You can help businesses manage daily and essential tasks that they might otherwise find difficult to handle. 

Teach English overseas

Teaching English abroad is a good way to earn money and see the world as well. Taking up a job as an English teacher in a different country can get you extra income during the summer. Besides, you’ll get to experience new cultures as well. The pay will vary according to the country you go to. Some may offer you food and boarding while others will ask you to arrange this on your own. 

Babysit or take up nanny duty 

Parents want only the best and the most responsible people to look after their kids while they are not at home. As a teacher, you’re in the prime position to become a babysitter in your spare time. Who better than a teacher to take care of children in a responsible manner?

If you love spending time with kids, why not earn some money at the same time? You can start with families you know. And then as word spreads, you can expand your clientele. 

Become a test scorer

You can earn money for scoring test papers. As a teacher, you’re already doing this. So why not make some additional cash by scoring tests for others? Places including ACT, Measurementinc, etc., pay you for reading tests and scoring them. 

Start a blog 

If you love writing, try blogging online. Get paid for your passion. You can write about practically anything under the sun, from your expertise to your likes and passions, or even your own thoughts. Online blogging helps you connect with people with similar interests over the internet.

As you build your community, companies and brands may reach out to you to advertise their products and services. That’s how you make money through blogging. 

Care for pets

Love pets? Then you should try house-sitting pets and caring for them while their folks are away. Or you could try dog walking as well. A pet sitting business can fetch you quite a bit of money especially if you are good at it. 

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