5 Financial Warning Signs To Rethink Your Relationship

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Financial misunderstanding or issues can escalate and become a damper for your relationship. Keep an eye on financial shortcomings or mismatch in your relationship.

Early detection of financial infidelity can avert a not so trust-worthy relationship and save you from a disaster in the future. Combining finances until you are married is risky too.

Things can get complicated financially and drag if you are breaking off a long-term relationship.

Here are a few ways to look out for in your relationship before getting committed.

One Lie Is Enough To Question All Truths

Honesty should be displayed by both the individuals to build a long-term, trustworthy, and healthy financial relationship. Lying about spending on an expensive dress or even bigger like earnings or the total debt they have on their name. A lie can set off a cascade of reactions and lead to increasing doubt on either of the partners later in the marriage.

A financial situation can go bad if you lie to each other about money matters. It is important that your partner instills trust in you or it might end your journey in a relationship abruptly.

Habit Is Overcome By Habit

An issue that can question your relationship with your partner is addiction. There are different types of addiction and one that matters to you the most is shopping. The shopping addiction is at the behavioral level and it needs great efforts to come out of it.

If undetected early in your relationship it can aggravate and all your savings and hard work will go in vain.


A mundane way of splitting finances by some couples is by 50/50 way. This doesn’t work and can be a bad choice if one of the partners is earning more than the other, but the other one wants to divide everything exactly into half.

The presence of children means you are definitely asking for more trouble. Seek counseling or maybe arrive at a mutual decision of dividing expenses based on the percentage of income or perhaps combine finances.

A handy tip is to use a payment app by either of you for your daily expenses as it can take off the pressure on spending for daily utilities.

Life Is To Be Lived, Not Controlled

Cracks in the relationship appear if one spouse tries to control the other through money and allowance. It is more common among the couple where one of the partners stays at home to run the family or house. A relationship is a union of two minds so it is advisable to combine the finances and make a decision without confronting your spouse in matters involving money.

A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish

Planning needs commitment and sincere effort from both partners even if they have never done so before. Some people put together a plan only if they are married to someone who feels planning and budgeting is necessary to secure financial stability.

Counseling is not always favorable because two adults are mature enough to sit down and work out on how to manage money. All it takes is a calm mind, putting your ego to rest, and changing your attitude towards a combined effort.

Every person may be different in his or her approach but the purpose is the same and that is where the difference and the solution lie. No doubt relationships are complicated and can wait for an amicable solution but financial planning relies on time which doesn’t wait for anybody.

By Karthick V.

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