5 ways to turn your $5 savings into hundreds of dollars

If you can spare just $5 today, you could be a millionaire one day. Sounds unbelievable? Well, it is not!

If you think $5 can’t make much of a difference, then think again because in this video we will show you 5 ways in which you can turn your $5 savings into hundreds of dollars.

Here’s what we have covered:
1) Saving $5 a day can help you $1,825 in a year.
2) Saving 10 bills of $5 in two weeks, can give you $100 in just 4 weeks.
3) You can save $6,890 in a year by increasing your savings by $5 each week.
4) Compound interest on your $5/day savings can help you save $105,978 in 30 years with an annual rate of return at 4%.
5) Win up to $100,000 with Lucky by Line.

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