7 money-saving tips for your summer vacation

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  • Double-check on refund policies, if your airline doesn’t have one, purchase travel insurance. 
  • Check your car’s condition before a road trip. A maintenance check is less expensive than an emergency road service.
  • You don’t need to visit every tourist attraction. Instead, spend more time relaxing and track your spending daily.

Nothing like a summer vacation! We’re sure you’d agree that summer is the perfect time for a getaway from all those mundane routines. What’s even better is when you can relax and holiday on a budget.

Spending less can make your vacation even more enjoyable, that way you’re not too stressed about overspending. But to save big on your vacation requires a little homework. Just do it. It’s worth it!

If you’re looking to take a vacation this year, but keen on cutting costs, check out our money-saving tips

Set a budget

When there are a ton of options at your disposal, it can be difficult to zero in on a destination—that fits your budget and travel taste.

 But to take the stress of your holiday planning, ensure to set a budget. Vacations are not cheap, but they don’t have to cost so much that they are unattainable.

Research, research, research

Work your way through the internet, check for low airfares, accommodations and read the vacay offers carefully. Also, don’t let online discount codes miss your eyes when you make your bookings.

Do the gas math

Going on a road trip? Determine a realistic gas allowance. The prices go up every summer. Don’t forget to get your car tuned up. Check the tires, belts, battery and spark plugs a week or two before you hit the road. Do a maintenance check before you leave, it is far less expensive than emergency road service—and helps maximize your gas mileage.

Know your limit

Know your credit limit and stay in it! You won’t be sorry later. Also, find out the daily withdrawal amounts allowed on your ATM cards. Check if your card is accepted at your vacay destination without additional fees.

Policy check

Always double-check refund policies for your airline, hotel, booking site, travel agent, etc. Know those policies at the back of your head. If your airline or hotels don’t have a refund policy, then purchase travel insurance. You don’t want to end up like many passengers in 2020 whose trips were canceled the day they chose to travel due to Covid-19.

Organize your packing

Don’t settle for the “I’ll buy it when I get there” philosophy. It will cost you a fortune. Pack in advance, that way you will avoid paying high prices at the hotel gift shop to replace forgotten items.

Cut back on activities

Vacation budgets aren’t unlimited! So, if you want to make the most of your money, spend it on what is most important to you. If you’re a foodie, save on your hotel and spend on dinners out. 

If you’re into photography, spend on a hotel in a great neighborhood (and on a great camera too), and save on meals.

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