8 life hacks to travel on a budget beyond the holidays

Try becoming a local tourist and visit your city as a traveler. You can take a tent and some basic supplies to camp. Be unconventional if you want to have a good time on a budget.

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A stiff financial condition can ruin enjoying your dream vacation. But what do you do when you are stuck in such a situation? We're here to help you out.

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Who doesn’t like traveling? Everyone dreams of spending time on a mountain or by the beach, but more often than ever, what stops us is our budget. Well, here are some amazing hacks that can help you travel on your budget, even beyond the holidays. With these tips, you can travel without hurting your pockets and fulfill the notion of YOLO – You Only Live Once.

Travel locally

Often we dream of traveling to exotic places like Paris or Switzerland. It is going to cost a lot but there are a lot of wonderful places in your own state or nation which you haven’t explored. 

You can check out amazing deals on stays, places nearby and live the dream of traveling. You can also opt for a road trip or can hire a vanity bus to sort your stays. There are many ways to save if you look around and travel on a budget during the holidays.

Become a local tourist

Every city has tourist attractions whether it’s a library or a park. But have you ever visited your own city like that? Try becoming a local tourist and visit your city as a traveler. Often we haven’t seen the places we have grown up in and it is important that before we travel the world we at least know a little about the place that we live in. 

This will fall in your budget and would still finish your dream of traveling. You can also join any walking to a cycling tour that is taking place on weekends in your city and can explore the places with a new perspective in mind.

Say yes to national parks

This is a great way to travel on a budget. For example, a camping site in a national park can cost only 10 to 15 dollars a night which is not much, right? You can spend a night or two there with your loved one, friends, or family and can enjoy a great time. 

You can take a tent on your own and some basic supplies that can last for one day or two and have all time. You will also find sites that provide the basic facilities and a cabin. In the end, it’s about your preferences.

Live the cruising life

Going on a cruise is pricey costing you at least $1000-$1500 for a week and that too for a single person. It is often the case that when you travel alone because you have to pay for a room whether it is for a single person or two. 

Though here, you can get benefits by booking a cruise trip at the last moment. You are likely to get a last-minute deal for a cruise at a lot cheaper rate than at a regular booking window. Another alternative here is to book a lot in advance to get pre-booking deals. In short, either book early or book last minute.

Choose an underrated place 

When we think about traveling, the first thing that comes to mind is places that are already popular and that are going to be expensive and also quite populous. So, forget your plan about Budapest, Brazil, and choose an underrated destination like Bolivia. 

There are places that are not that famous but still, they hold amazing beauty. So, do your research, plan a trip to an underrated place, and save money while vacationing.

Last-minute trip booking 

We mentioned earlier that you can get an amazing discount while booking a cruise last minute. The same can be done for the tour booking. Here, the key is either to go a lot in advance or to book at the last minute. Also, it is essential to be prepared for the unexpected for your holiday plans.

As the time to departure comes closer, travel companies are likely to offer discounts just to not leave any seats empty. And here is your chance to get advantages.


Now, this is a little unconventional because you are going for traveling so what’s the point of this? Well, it will sort out your worries related to accommodation. It’s a word that is used when you look after someone’s house while they are on vacation. So, you get a place to live when you, too, are on a vacation. 

In this way, you will get the accommodation for a very cheaper rate or even for free. You can sort your meals by cooking on your own and save money while traveling.

Reduce flight expenses

Flight tickets are one of the main expenses while traveling because international flights are costly. One way to cover this expense is to look after the cheap flights. You can use a website such as Google flights or Momondo in order to find great deals that suit you. 

You can also sort your traveling by looking at which flights are cheap and can plan a trip for that place. There are various platforms available for that to get good deals like Kiwi, Skyscanner, etc.

Bottom line

If traveling is your dream then DIY should be your weapon. Whether it is about cooking your own meals, house sitting or finding better deals for yourself. Choose the destination that is not that popular and you will get amazing discounts on your stay and overall vacation. All you need is a proper strategy for your travel budget, so plan well and enjoy your holidays.

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