8 must-try tips to grocery shop on a budget

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  • Buying in bulk will save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Not all sale stickers are good deals.
  • Use grocery store apps that come with coupons and discounts.

Do you love throwing all of your money away at the grocery store? You don’t! Phew! That’s good to know. If you are grocery shopping on a budget, here is some insider knowledge on how to save some serious money while shopping.

We guarantee you’ll feel like the money-saving champion that you are at the end of it!

Buy in bulk

Think big and buy big! Within the limits of your budget of course! While buying a larger package will seem to cost a little more upfront, in the long run, it will save you money. How? The price per unit is usually much less in the bigger pack versus that in the smaller pack.

But just to be on the safer side, ensure to check the price tag. Sometimes, big is not always cheap. Double-check the price per unit before you buy in bulk!

When on sale, stock up

At the grocery store, if you find yourself being drawn to the sales board like a moth to a flame, remember to check and double-check the items on sale. And if it is a really good deal, stock up on it without a second thought. If it’s something that you can keep in the pantry or freeze and it won’t go bad before you use it, then buy as much as your budget will allow.

Don’t overlook discounted produce

Want to buy produce? Walk straight up to the discount rack. Then move to the sales rack and only then everything else.

Check grocery store apps

Apps have digital coupons and you earn rewards for every purchase. These rewards can get you anything from $5 to $10 off on your order. Other times you get coupons for stuff like peanut butter, jams and so on — absolutely free!

From breasts to bones 

Too many people buy chicken breasts, which means there is an oversupply of cheaper cuts like bone-in-thighs or drumsticks.

So, if you’re an ardent chicken-lover and are on a budget, go for the bone as opposed to the whole chicken or other expensive cuts.

Shop for groceries strategically

Here’s a secret mantra to strategic grocery shopping — avoid the center aisles! Avoid even shopping at eye level. Because guess what? Companies pay a lot of money for their brands to be at eye level and stack up on the center aisles.

The secret to saving money lies in the bottom racks. Or even if you go down the not-so-popular aisles, you encounter affordable brands while also saving money!

Do it yourself 

When grocery shopping, it’s tempting to go to the section of the store that has all of the chopped and pre-packed fruits and veggies. 

Just the sight of prepackaged food allows temptation to set in — those fruits and veggies are just sitting there, waiting for you to buy them without having to lift a finger to prepare them.

But don’t fall for it! You’ll end up paying double for those pre-packaged foods! Want to save some money? Chop, divide and pack things yourself.

Don’t fall for all grocery sales stickers

Now, we know that we told you to stock up when you see a sale, but don’t be deceived. Not every sale sticker is a great deal worth impulse buying and blowing your budget. Yes, sales stickers are very capable of leading you on, whether you need that item or not or not. But if you’re only saving 20 cents, then it isn’t worth buying it unless you were planning on it.

Don’t impulse buy just because you’re excited about the sale. Do the math to make sure that it’s worth it!

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