8 scary good ways to make money this Halloween

There are a lot of ways you can make money during Halloween. It just takes some planning and outside-the-box thinking. We have you covered with these tips. Happy Halloween!

Most people balk at signs of Halloween because they fear what's coming or rather what’s going — their money. Are you one of them? You don’t have to be, because this year, instead of removing all the bills from your wallet, you’re going to be adding to it.

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We’ve all had those scary moments when we’ve seen money draining from our wallets during the holiday season. That’s why we’ve come up with some scary good ways to make money this Halloween. Don’t brush aside the Halloween festivities. Here are 8 tips to turn your paycheck-draining pumpkin holiday into a money-making opportunity.

Be the go-to pumpkin carver

The customary pumpkin faces need a makeover, don’t you think? You could be a creative trendsetter and figure out the next-gen set of pumpkin faces. Then you could use the power of social media to introduce these new faces to the world and get people to purchase one from you.

You could even sell at a small rented space at a busy spot in your town. Let’s be honest the “traditional pumpkin face” is losing its appeal. A more daring and attractive design may draw people to spend a few dollars just to claim one of these as their own. Meanwhile, here are some tips on how to have a budget-friendly Halloween.

Try your hand at costumes

Halloween costumes make big money during the season. If you know your way around fashion and creativity, try making some serious money out of Halloween costumes. However, if you don’t know where to start, we have what you need solution to make money selling handmade Halloween costumes.

  • Stock up on Halloween costumes when it’s over. Seasonal stores always look to clear their stocks and offer 50-75% off on clearance sales. During this time, be steadfast and relentless in scavenging costumes. They will be your Halloween jackpot next year.
  • Don’t get hooked on cliché costumes like animals, ghosts, goblins and vampires and popular characters from blockbusters. Get your creativity out and think outside the box. You might just command some nice premiums to make up for your labor and sweat.
  • Try selling used costumes. Some people pay handsomely well for those, especially last minute shoppers. Ensure to wash and iron them properly, and if need be, fix them.
  • If you are good with your hands-on craft, offer a costume repair service. You could hem, sew or alter costumes for people and charge a fee for it.

Meanwhile, did you know the spending this Halloween is estimated to cross $10 billion this year? Here’s how America is spending this Halloween.

Plan the party

Unleash the organized control freak from within. Put together a party plan for Halloween. This is your chance. And the bonus is you get paid to do it. Bundle your organizing skills alongside creative food design, the usual party decorations and you have yourself a very profitable season of Halloween.

Create a haunted house

You might as well just give people what they want this season. They want to get scared. Find a real scary house and charge an admission fee for it. Add a little bit of your creative touch to it with decor and scary actors.

You would be surprised by the number of people willing to pay a visit based on the scariness of the haunted house. You can charge a fee ranging from $5-15.

But know that there would be an investment on your part as well. All you need are signposts that say “haunted house”, staff for the ticket booth and tickets checking.

Selling treats are a treat

Tricks or treats, what do you fancy? Tradition says, you either have a treat at your door or you risk being tricked. While most people fancy treats, they are also wary of candy due to health concerns. That’s why we suggest you could try hand-made treats for kids as a replacement and sell those to adults in your neighborhood.

You could even consider giving out toys. Buy those small toys and finger games in bulk and resell them in loose pieces to those giving away treats.

Create Halloween-themed videos

There are sites where you create and upload videos and get a small fee for the same. Halloween is all about being scary and you have all the creativity you need to produce videos. Here’s an idea. You could create videos on “How to carve a scary Jack-O-Lantern” to attract the crowd. As people enjoy and laugh at the mindlessness of your production, you make money!

What’s Halloween without makeup?

Don’t worry if you’re late in the Halloween money-making season. You still have your last bit of saving grace — Halloween makeup. You can organize a face painting carnival at a market space, tent or kiosk in an area where human traffic is high.

What else can you do?

Need more ideas? Here are a few others:

  • Drive people around.
  • Babysit for parents who need a Halloween party break.
  • Rent out a room via Airbnb.
  • Go as a seasonal actor in a haunted house.
  • Accompany kids for trick-or-treating for a price.
  • Pet sits for pet owners on Halloween.
  • Start a pumpkin patch.
  • DJ at a Halloween party.

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