8 summer gig jobs to make some extra cash

Summer gigs

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  • With so many great ways to make extra money this summer, you will be well on your way to a bigger bank account if you tried package delivery. 
  • Pet sitting is on-demand every summer break. As a dog walker or pet sitter, you’ll have one of the funnest jobs for summer.
  • If you are a fitness freak, then here is a chance to keep fit and instruct on fitness during the summer.

Summer is the best time to take a break and just relax a little. The weather is great, you get to go to the beach, spend more time outside, go camping, or take that dream cooking class you’ve always had. As much as summer is about chilling and taking steam off, it can make you some extra cash. Here are 8 summer gig jobs to make some money on the side.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

1. Fitness instructor 

Want to make others feel good about themselves and make money off of it? Here’s your first pick in the summer money-making gig, become a fitness instructor. If you are a fitness freak, then here is your chance to stay fit and welcome many more to the fitness club. So get started on counting down calories and counting up your dollars. 

2. Tutor

Share your knowledge this summer by tutoring people, it’s a good deed that could earn you some money. This is one of the most rewarding summer jobs available. Many younger students struggle to end their school year and could be quite unprepared for the upcoming semester. They need help! Being out the tutor within you and unleash all that knowledge you have on struggling students.

3. Babysit

It’s summertime! And that means no pre-school for a good two months. This is when working parents will need all the help they can get. Don’t be mistaken, keeping kids entertained is not boring, you don’t have to sit inside all day, either. Wear your creative pants and take charge of the day. Stroll through the park, or around town, enjoy the summer with your buddy by your side and get paid for doing it!

4. Summer camp counselor

Summertime is prime time for summer camps. Nothing is better than being a summer camp counselor. It is probably one of the most popular summer jobs. In most cases, you’ll get to travel, lead fun outdoor activities while also getting your dose of sunshine. You’ll build all kinds of useful talents, from leadership skills to communication skills to even tree climbing skills. By far the most fun way to make some summer money.

5. Pet sitter 

If you are an ardent lover of the adorable four-legged creatures that mean more than family, then this summer you can get paid to take care of them. 

Summer break is just around the corner and this is your best bet in making easy money by pet sitting for your neighbors. If you’re wondering where to get such job opportunities, the internet has you covered.

6. Airbnb host 

Have an extra room at home? Airbnb it! It brings good fortune. Hospitality is a high-paying summer job. Airbnb is the new hot way to make money on the sides. 

All you need is an extra room to rent out and warmth in your heart to welcome and tend to strangers.

7. Delivery

Over the summer, fewer people are cooking at home and more people are either eating out or ordering in. Delivering food and other packages is a stable income and can do your savings a lot of good. Your pay depends on factors like the time of day and the distance covered. 

8. Lifeguard duty and swimming coach

What better way to make money this summer than to teach kids to swim. Holidays are the best times to make money through kids. 

Whether you choose a community pool or the ocean beach, being a lifeguard is another quintessential summer job. You get to help the injured or the drowning once in a while (hopefully not more than that!). 

But you’ll also get some rays and build a nice tan. And, to top it off, you’ll look great well into the colder months to come once your gig is over!

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