9 Ways To Celebrate A Relaxed, Fun-Filled, And Responsible Boxing Day

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Boxing Day succeeds the first of the twelve days of Christmas — no pear trees or partridges required. Its beginnings are masked by centuries of folklore, but it is essentially known for “celebrating” by distributing boxed money and gifts to those less fortunate than oneself.

In the last century or so it has been recognized more as a way to engage in all sorts of fun, and silliness with one’s family, friends, and relatives while more recently, it is being compared to “Black Friday” with massive shopping and huge deals.

Here are a few ways to have a bash during Boxing Day 2020.

This year the festive season has been one of the quietest and dullest in years. So, keep preparations to a minimum and easy on yourself. Everybody knows it is not a secret anymore so people will understand if your place isn’t perfect.

Go Potluck

As for food, the stock of leftovers and a couple of simple dishes from your side is a treat for guests who themselves are at a loss for how to unload their own recipes.

When the food starts showing up, spread out the spread:

  • One table for appetizers
  • One for mains and sides
  • A Spot for desserts
  • A beverage station

To supplement the heavier fare, set plates of crackers, cheese, chips, and popcorn on side tables. Just be sure to leave room for guests to display and set down their plates and drinks.

Follow A Strict Dress Code

The dress codes set the mood for any occasion and so have a dress code and let everybody know that no one gets in unless they are dressed in a suitable manner for lounging and relaxing on the couch. Get creative and go full-on sleepover mode, pajamas and all. To make the fun factor visible and no rules just make it clear that this is a come-as-you-are sort of affair.

Entertain With Ease

Many people need the day to recover from the tiring and strained holiday haze, so give them an excuse and let them take it easy. Have everyone throw a favorite board game or flick into the mix. Video games work, too.

Some of your guests may be craving physical activities to overcome the work-related and holiday stress or to shed those extra holiday kilos. So, add some sport to the day’s plan if the weather permits.


So long as the weather outside isn’t unpleasant, a bonfire would be warm and delightful. It may, in fact, be the easiest way to light up the party atmosphere. String up a few extra colorful light strands, build a fire, and pull up a seat.

Gift Swap

Nope don’t groan, this gift swap is all about getting rid of the presents that aren’t quite your type and taste. (Some great aunts always falter and never get it right despite their good intentions.) Instead of taking another trip to a packed departmental store, sit back with an Irish coffee, and make a switch. You never know what treasures your friends want to unload from past holidays or this year! Just make sure you only deal with your presents from loved ones who are out of town.

Build A Fort

It is Boxing Day, after all. You have boxes of all sizes and shapes. You have bows, tape, and scissors for cutting windows and doors. Build a fort or a city or a yacht! Roger that! Take cover from the enemy during a wadded-up-paper fight. Then, grab some refreshments and smash your creations like an oversized panda on a sugar high. Kids and inner children will love this plan and have a blast for sure! Once it’s done at the end, make the buddy with the biggest vehicle haul away the recycling.

Whether you choose to make no activities or silly activities the focus of your Boxing Day party is to do one thing – unwind.

Recognize Those Who Serve You

The pandemic has stopped people from traveling and hence most of us don’t have household/maidservants anymore, but there are people from different walks of lives whose contribution to our society are appreciable and help us lead our daily lives normally a doorman, mailman, dry cleaner, custodian, hairdresser, babysitter, or dog walker.

A small tip or gift is a generous way to show your respect, appreciation, and love for the work they do for you year-round. Deliver it personally or leave a surprise in the mailbox for them to find and feel happy later. The offering needn’t be tagged an extravagant one but don’t forget to include a handwritten note of gratitude. Who doesn’t like to hear an extra “thank you” or goodies now and then?

Lockdown Is A Great Way To Serve In Your Community

You don’t need to wait until the New Year to make a commitment to give back. Sit down to find out online and research local soup kitchens, food pantries, religious organizations, blood banks, animal shelters, or veteran hospitals to find a need you can fill.

Perhaps you can commit to serving a meal once a month at a shelter or knitting a good number of hats for premature babies or Schedule your service on the calendar now to make sure you stick to it and follow through.

Budget For Charitable Giving

Do you have a goal that is close to your heart? Maybe it’s feeding malnourished children, medical research, bringing clean water to rural areas, or increasing literacy and access to education for girls in developing countries.

Whatever it is, use this Boxing Day to determine which organization you’ll extend support now or in the years to come. If you haven’t set aside a budget for annual charitable giving, this is a great time to begin.

Give Where You Can

Everyone has his own problems to address and if it’s financial then excuses become too obvious. Giving a tip or dedicating time to volunteering needs your conscious consent and if you are not too comfortable with this gesture then certainly you might have something at home that is of no use.

Find out for kitchen items, non-perishable food, shoes, old blankets, coats, or toys. Ask and encourage your family and friends to pull a few things from their homes too and donate the items to a local organization on their behalf. The feeling will give you a sense of satisfaction as you feed the hungry and cold stranger this winter.

If you have decided to give somebody and help or serve them it can be done any day, the kind act shouldn’t be reserved for the weeks leading up to December 25. Boxing Day is a simple reminder to invoke the spirit of giving that any day is a good day to share the gifts with those who are less fortunate.

Bottom Line

When you have it in you to some charity and there isn’t enough to do one then at least take an effort to do one. Donation doesn’t mean donating money it can also be any form of gifts or things that can be of great help to the needy. There is no harm in using an emergency fund to involve you in the activities or buy something for the cause.

By Karthick V.

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