America is reopening: What this means for you

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With the CDC announcing new guidelines on face coverings following a powerful vaccination drive across the US, the country is finally back on the road to recovery.

For the first time in over 13 months, the nation is reopening, businesses are returning to normalcy and people are getting back on their feet. What does this mean for you?

The new mask mandate that allows those who are fully vaccinated to ditch their masks in most indoor and outdoor situations has brought some semblance of normalcy to the country.

The CDC’s announcement comes in the backdrop of enough people in the US being vaccinated that restrictions on activities such as indoor dining can be lifted. Moreover, teens can now get vaccinated. The end of the pandemic may not be here right, but it is in sight.

This powerful vaccine drive has liberated a majority of America’s businesses even as states and local governments have taken their own decisions in how they are adopting the new guidelines.

What this means for you?

The vaccine drive has brought a number of businesses back into the game. Americans across all 50 states are re-emerging from the safety of their homes without their masks and this means stores and restaurants are also opening their doors to the growing numbers.

Playhouses, music clubs and other entertainment sectors are opening up. The audiences are smaller but definitely growing in number. People are moving out of their online sessions to embrace the new freedom.

Bars and restaurants have mostly ditched their no mask, no entry policies and opened their doors to customers.

Businesses are resuming operations in full swing but since business is dependent on close interactions, it is still yet to pick up the pace after a year of caution.

However, in most situations, restaurants, stores, gyms and many other businesses are preparing to go back to full capacity and ensuring measures are in place to check vaccination cards or apps for proof that all patrons have been inoculated.

Most popular retail stores are preparing for the crowds to return. Starbucks, Walmart, Target, Costco and other stores in the retail sector have all adopted the new face masks guidelines and this means, they are expecting a surge.

In the nation’s capital, the District of Columbia rolled back restrictions and the Smithsonian Institution reopened eight of its world-famous museums and facilities.

America’s air travel has also gained momentum in the recent week following the surge in vaccinations. This highlights the power of Covid-19 vaccine programs in bringing back activities like entertainment and tourism that were deemed high risk with the onset of the pandemic last year.

With all these developments, it only seems wise to take a measured approach to going out there and resuming operations. As a working professional, make sure you still have your masks with you, carry your vaccination card wherever you go and take cautious steps. The danger is still not fully averted.

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