Be generous beyond the holidays with your donations

An empowering way to support your favorite cause is to make recurring donations to NGOs, which is also how they sustain themselves in the long run. But don't limit yourself only to cash.

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The year has taken away a lot from us and the world while throwing curveballs one after another. The crumbling system of the world also created disconnections in our support to causes. The concept of donation and help is great. But how to contribute to the angelic cause when you are yourself in need of this donation?

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We know you are in the spirit of giving, especially since it is the reason for the season. However, you have to be cautious where you stand with your dollar situation. If you are feeling extra grateful this season — donate, but strategically. Here’s how you can be generous beyond the holidays with your donations.

The issues of last year may be long gone but now you have new factors to consider on the list. Hence, today we will talk about how you regulate your money for these generous causes while also sustaining your wallet. 

Prioritize plans

Note down 3-4 causes that are on the top of your list to support. This can be related to climate action or helping cancer-diagnosed people or even supporting your local orphanage. This is where your giving plan kicks off. 

Create a road map so social media news like injured animals or people seeking attention don’t fiddle with your emotions. This will help avoid any impulsive giving decisions. They may feel good in the starting but are usually not very helpful and don’t have a substantial impact. 

You can also let your values lead your way in the giving plan. This will really give purpose to your good deeds and help you sustain these efforts even after the holidays. Choose a philanthropist who will embody you this holiday season. Support nonprofits that align with your goals of solving problems. 

Planning on giving is not dependent on volunteering or donating. However, you can set a goal to acquaint yourself with new areas every time you donate to a cause. That’s how you can be generous beyond the holidays with your donations.

One small donation, a powerful impact

An empowering way to support your favorite cause is to make recurring donations to NGOs. That is also how they sustain themselves in the long run. One-time donors usually do not come forward for the cause and it can be exhausting for NGOs to find new people. 

Millennials are more driven for causes and are already acquainted with the recurring payment lifestyle due to Netflix and other subscriptions. Hence, paying $10 every month will have a greater impact on NGOs while also giving you ample time to donate large amounts.

In your monthly budget, along with your expenses, you can also add donations. You can also sign up for a newsletter as a regular donor. Thus, you are aware of the organization’s progress and will involve yourself in activities.

How to choose the right organization?

You know what you want to support, now the question is where you want to support. Investing your money in a cause must happen meticulously. It gets overwhelming to choose from millions of NGOs, and deciding what is right and wrong eats up your mind. 

To get over this predicament, umbrella organizations select several NGOs for related causes. This allows individuals to make donations to them. For example, Life the Girl Fund has the purpose of reforming the lives of girls around the world. Your donations will be divided among these organizations equally. 

Not everything needs to be in cash

You can also contribute to these causes by making donations that focus on the social responsibility campaigns of the companies. Hence, you will be investing in companies that are socially woke for your supported cause. 

You can also give away items you have at home to NGOs and foundations that focus on charity. That way, you get to give what you don’t need to someone who can use it.

You can also assess the work of nonprofits through your local community foundation or Charity navigator and pick the ones that you resonate with. Don’t overthink and look for perfection in the cause, the main goal is to be generous and support noble causes. Meanwhile, here’s how you can gift money to friends and family this season.

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