8 ways to make money with your bike

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  • If you have lived in your city for a long time and you know each street and corner by heart, then use your bicycle to lead tourist groups around. 
  • If you’re biking long-distance routes, make the most out of your daily routine. Distribute ads along your way to give publicity to companies that pay you for them. 
  • People are ditching cars and falling in love with biking. With that, the demand for classes on bike safety increased. You can organize workshops on safe cycling for groups and individuals.


Are you a bike-aholic? Happy World Bicycle Day! Today we celebrate bikers who can’t get enough of their two-wheeled pal!

If you’re a passionate biker and would want to make some extra bucks doing what you love, we’re here to assure you that it’s not impossible.

Here are 7 proven and reliable ways to get paid with your bike. Some are more lucrative than others if you’re dedicated and cycle regularly.

1. Bike courier 

Becoming a bike courier is effortless. All you need is to be a good cyclist and have the zeal to earn an income. You’ll need to deliver letters, parcels and packages. This job is omnipresent and has existed long before any other bike-related job in the world. You’ll even get a cash bonus to deliver during peak hours.

2. Lead city bike tours

If you’re a city person and have been singing ‘Bright Lights Big City’ for as long as you can remember and you love cycling, this is your go-to job. There’s nothing like being a tour guide to a bunch of foreigners who don’t know how to navigate your city. This is where you can play your knowledge of each street and corner to your advantage and make money from it.

You can start small by working with a local tour guide company. After you’ve got decent experience, switch to working on your own and set up a business.

3. Teach bike safety classes

The number of people falling in love with biking is on the rise. And so has the demand for classes on bike safety.  People have begun to ditch their cars. This opens up opportunities for you to organize workshops on safe cycling for both groups and individuals.

4. Deliver local restaurant food

Almost everyone orders food online now, particularly the youth. With delivery services on demand, this is your chance to use your bicycle to make some extra cash.

5. Start a bicycle blog

Yes, you can be a blogger with no experience. The fact that you’re a bicycle lover suffices. Take up blogging about personal experience with two-wheelers starting and how you gave up driving. Give your readers information about riding through mountain trails and exceptional tours in the vicinity. Slowly grow your audience and start monetizing your blog. 

6. Sell ads on your bike

If you’re biking long-distance routes regularly, why not monetize it? Consider distributing ads for publicity of companies along the way. You’ll get paid to do so. Companies always prefer eco-friendly marketing schemes. Also, this kind of publicity is more dynamic as opposed to an ordinary static billboard.

7. Ride to work

Ride to work every day and earn $20 a month. The rationale behind this benefit lies in the Bicycle Commuter Act. The Act states that companies can offer employees additional money of up to $20 per month to ride their bikes to work. After all, $240 per year is not that bad considering that you’re doing what you love anyway.

There are numerous ways to earn money through side hustles. Bike riding is a fun way of earning extra cash as you go about your mundane routines.

Bike addicts are said to never be in the middle of a monetary crisis considering the variety of options that come their way to make big profits. Moreover, you get paid to exercise with a resource you already own. 

In most cases, you determine your terms of work. Fit bodies and fit wallets, nothing gets better than this.

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