Black Friday: How to maximize post-pandemic shopping

Supply chain shortages and shipping slowdowns are adversely affecting holiday season sales. Here are some Black Friday shopping tips to make the most of the season amid this year's uncertainties.

post pandemic black friday shopping
Last year, the Covid-19 pandemic altered the way people shopped on Black Friday — online sales rose by 21.6% in 2020. Even though lockdown restrictions are being lifted this year, supply chain shortages and shipping slowdowns are not making things easier.

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The Friday following Thanksgiving Day is one day many of us have been waiting for. It’s the day when we would rush to stores to find the best deals this holiday season. With stories about supply chain shortages doing the rounds, consumers have already started shopping. The post-pandemic shopping has already begun this Black Friday.

This is way earlier than in previous years. People feel that they will not get anything if they delay further. Moreover, even retailers are encouraging customers to shop earlier, even though lockdown restrictions are being lifted this year.

Supply chain shortages and shipping slowdowns are adversely affecting holiday season sales. Nevertheless, you need not worry about it too much. Here are some Black Friday shopping tips to make the most of the shopping season amid this year’s uncertainties.

Start research today

If you shop at the last minute, you will not get time to check around other stores to see if there is a better deal. If you start now, you will have time to check every advertisement, promotion, discount and online alternatives. You can also keep an eye on local newspapers for sale advertisements.

Though you can take days or weeks to narrow down the best deals, you would have to decide soon this year. In regular times, it’s definitely worth reviewing for weeks as you would be literally saving dollars. But because of the lack of availability in 2021, you might not get anything if you keep delaying until the end.

Get it when you see it

It’s better to buy the toys and electronics that you see on the shelves as soon as possible, as they might disappear soon. You might not see them again because of the short supply — most inventories are held somewhere along the supply chain in Asia or at the seas waiting to anchor at a US port.

Keeping this in mind, stores like Amazon, Target and Best Buy are offering a pre-holiday sale ahead of Black Friday. Why not get started on the post-pandemic shopping already this Black Friday? Check out our tips on how to save money while you’re holiday shopping and online deals you shouldn’t miss this Black Friday.

Sign up for alerts

It’s the time of the year where you wouldn’t mind receiving tons of texts and emails about sales. If you have planned to get something in particular at a specific shop, it’s safer to sign up for alerts considering the current demand.

You can always unsubscribe from these alerts after the holiday season. You can also become a store member as most stores would give offers and exclusive deals for their members on special occasions.

Use apps that give cashback

Some apps automatically apply coupons to your cart and also give you cashback after purchase. In fact, you can use these apps throughout the year and transfer the rewards to your Black Friday savings. If you use the computer, browser extensions like Honey automatically apply available coupon codes on the bill. Meanwhile, here are some Black Friday hacks to avoid overspending when you shop.

Set limits

The holiday season is the most memorable time of the year and it’s the season we would spend the most. However, if you didn’t plan your finances, you might end up in big trouble. It’s not too late to start planning.

Creating a holiday shopping budget will help you spread your income to smartly balance the funds for everything you need. For 2022, you can start in January to save a considerable amount for shopping at the end of the year.

Set spending limits for each category like food, clothing, gifts, etc. You can also make your own personalized gifts. These not only cost low but also have more value because of the time, energy, and effort you have put in. Home-made gifts are irreplaceable. These can be homemade cookies, handwritten greeting cards, or photo albums.

Do what makes you happy

It’s the season to be jolly. Depending on your situation, you can spend every dollar you have saved on things that matter the most to you. Some may transfer the extra dollars they got in a deal or discount for the following year’s shopping fund.

Some people don’t spend any of their savings on shopping and use the entire amount to pay off their pending debt completely. Some may shop more than what they had in mind by saving extra dollars on deals.

It’s entirely up to you to decide what works best for you, but the fundamental concept remains the same — you will not regret saving. It’ll save you when you least expect it.

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