Brighten your Christmas: Tips to save money on lights

Are you using old strands of incandescent bulbs that have seen better days? If you want to boost your Christmas spirit a little more, it’s time to deck the halls, folks, with better lights. Why? It's the season of peace, goodwill and lights, of course!

christmas lights save money
We can all agree that one of the best things about the year-end is decking halls, driving around and looking at attractive décor and holiday lights displays. Yes, the picture in your head is super pretty right now. While you seem all Christmasy and festive, added costs to the season can make you feel like Scrooge, especially when you look at your next electricity bill!

In this article

Lucky for you, we have conjured up a few tips to keep your Christmas lights up on a budget with these tips to save money. And the bonus is that you won’t spend too much on electricity! To start, always remember that with Christmas lights, the kind of bulb you choose can make a big difference in your electric bill budget and save you money. Now let’s get into the deets.

All roads LED home

LED lights are just pure goodness, they are cool to the touch, energy-efficient, they just manage to light up your homes and they’re long-lasting as well. They are like the light at the end of a dark expensive electricity bill tunnel. You will be able to see some serious savings! 

Let’s look at the math, the cost of lighting a six-foot tree for 12 hours a day for 40 days with incandescent C-9 holiday lights will cost you $10 to run. The LED equivalent only costs $0.27! Isn’t that awesome? Make the switch people!

LEDs achieve energy efficiency because of their clever design. Incandescent light bulbs on the other hand use 10 percent of their electricity to light an ordinary light bulb. The rest is wasted heat.

These lights are so mini-full

Legit, it’s the little things that matter, the mini, minute, petite and so on… This Christmas season focus on those little things, for instance, choose the strings of mini-lights for your outdoor decorating. As opposed to the big and bulky bulb lights. Mini lights will significantly reduce the cost of running your holiday lights. How? It will reduce your cost per string from $9 cents per hour to less than one! Meanwhile, here’s how you can have your finances ready for Christmas.

On-time every time

Your Christmas lights don’t have to be on all day every day. That is why timers can be a great way to efficiently manage your light usage. For example, you can set your lights to be on from 4 PM to 10 PM when dusk hits. Instead of turning them on when you get home until you wake up in the morning. Moreover, having your lights on timers will allow your home to keep its festive look when you’re visiting relatives!

Creativity at its best

There are a ton of 100% electricity-free options that can spruce up your home around the holidays. Bells in silver and gold, flowers, garlands, wreaths and ribbons—are all beautiful, festive decorations are also very shiny and reflect light well. That is only if you’re considering cutting down on electricity. 

Mail-in rebates to your rescue

You can ensure to reduce the overall cost of purchasing holiday lights. Easy-peasy all you need to do is check and see if there is a mail-in rebate from the manufacturing company. It may not seem important right now to you, but trust us when we tell you that missing out on a mail-in rebate is missing out on free money. Be sure to stay vigilant and check out all your options!

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