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Can You Get Car Insurance Without License

Car insurance companies often check your driving record to fix appropriate rates for you. If you don't have a license, they may consider you a high-risk for insurance. This blog will help you understand if you can get car insurance without license and how to get coverage.

While you don't necessarily require a license to buy car insurance, it may be less likely that an insurance company will agree to cover you. It can be a more complicated path to get car insurance without a driver's license. Let's discuss it in detail.

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If you are planning to drive a vehicle in the US, car insurance is one of the critical things you’ll need. It’s a legal requirement in most states. Auto insurance is necessary to protect the driver and passengers during an accident. However, what if you don’t have a driver’s license? Can you get car insurance without license?

While having a valid driver’s license is important in getting auto insurance, there are exceptions to the rule. Let’s explore this in detail.

Can you Get Car Insurance Without License

It is possible to buy a car insurance policy without license. Furthermore, if anyone other than you will drive your vehicle, a license is important while obtaining car insurance. However, there’s a chance that certain companies may not insure car owners without a license. There are some states which require car owners a to list at least one individual with a driver’s license on the car insurance policy. 

If you are buying auto insurance for the first time, the company may seek your driver’s license to check your driving history, among other details.

How to Get Car Insurance Without a License

It is possible to obtain auto insurance coverage, even if you don’t have a license. These tips will help you get insurance coverage without a driver’s license.

Inquire About the SR-22 Certificate

An SR-22 certificate is a form from your auto insurance provider stating that you have the required minimum car insurance coverage. It is usually required by states for drivers who have had their driver’s license suspended or revoked.

Include a Co-owner on the Policy

Adding a co-owner to your policy is a good option. It indicates that someone else is listed as a co-owner of the vehicle and is responsible for the process and any damages or injuries caused by the car.

Designate Yourself as an Excluded Driver on the Policy

You can list yourself as an excluded driver on the insurance policy. It will mean that the policy does not cover you, making you not liable to pay for damages or injuries caused during a car accident.

Buy a Policy With a Different Individual Listed as a Driver

If you don’t have a driver’s license, you can buy an auto insurance policy with someone else listed as the primary driver. This option can be beneficial for those who are dependent on the listed driver.

Obtain Coverage for a Parked Vehicle

Parked car coverage is designed to cover a vehicle not being driven. If you don’t have a driver’s license but still want to insure your vehicle, this coverage is best for you.

Key Considerations for Obtaining Insurance Without a License

When seeking auto insurance without a valid driver’s license, it’s essential to keep several critical factors in mind:

  • State laws: Auto insurance regulations can vary by state in the United States. Learn the rules in your state regarding coverage for unlicensed drivers. This may include any limitations or requirements that need to be met.
  • Insurance company policies: Not all insurance companies may offer coverage for unlicensed drivers. They may have specific guidelines and requirements for such cases. Researching and comparing insurance providers is necessary to find ones willing to provide coverage to unlicensed drivers.
  • Reason for unlicensed status: Insurance companies may inquire about the reason for your unlicensed status. If it’s due to a suspended or revoked license, it may impact your ability to obtain coverage or affect your premium rates.
  • Vehicle ownership: If you own a vehicle driven by someone else, it may still need to be insured for potential damages or liabilities, even if you don’t have a valid driver’s license.
  • Coverage options: As an unlicensed driver, you may have limited coverage options. Named driver insurance, non-owner car insurance, or seeking high-risk insurance may be potential options to consider.
  • Working with an insurance agent: Working with an experienced insurance agent who understands the complexities of insuring unlicensed drivers can be beneficial. They can provide guidance, help you navigate the insurance market, and find suitable coverage options.

Consider these factors and make an informed decision while obtaining auto insurance without a valid driver’s license. Ensure compliance with state laws and get appropriate coverage for your needs.

Importance of Car Insurance for Unlicensed Drivers

Having car insurance without a valid driver’s license may appear counterintuitive. However, there are a number of reasons why car insurance with a driver’s license may be necessary or beneficial:

Protecting your Assets

Even if you don’t have a valid driver’s license, you may still own a vehicle at risk of damage, theft, or other unforeseen events. Car insurance can provide financial protection for your vehicle, helping to cover the costs of repairs, replacements, or damages.

Compliance with State Laws

In many states, car insurance is required to legally drive a motor vehicle, regardless of whether you have a valid driver’s license. Insurance coverage ensures you comply with the state’s requirements and avoid potential fines, penalties or legal issues.

Liability Coverage

If someone else drives your vehicle and gets involved in an accident, you may still be liable for damages or injuries. Car insurance can provide liability coverage, protecting you from potential legal and financial liabilities in case of an accident.

Non-owner Car Insurance

If you frequently rent or borrow vehicles, non-owner car insurance can cover liability and damages. It will provide some peace of mind with protection from potential financial risks.

Future Driving Privileges

If your driver’s license is suspended or revoked, maintaining car insurance coverage during this period can demonstrate responsible behavior to insurance companies. This can be beneficial when you regain your driving privileges, as continuous coverage may help you obtain affordable rates.


While it is possible to get car insurance without a driver’s license in certain situations, carefully consider all options, understand the coverage being offered and comply with all legal requirements. It’s best to obtain a valid driver’s license to access a broader range of insurance options and ensure you drive legally.

Remember to shop around, compare quotes from different insurers and thoroughly review policy terms and conditions before deciding. However, maintain a clean driving record and seek professional advice when needed. These steps can protect you, your vehicle and other passengers on the road while complying with applicable laws and regulations. Drive safely and responsibly!

This page is purely informational. Line does not provide financial, legal or accounting advice. This article has been prepared for informational purposes only. It is not intended to provide financial, legal or accounting advice and should not be relied on for the same. Please consult your own financial, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transactions.

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