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Cash Now Pay Later: The best option for your everyday needs

While Buy Now Pay Later is used to satisfy your wants, Cash Now Pay Later helps meet your everyday needs.

While it is always wise to live within our means, there are situations when we need cash to meet our everyday needs. If you don’t want to be under the high-interest rate burden of credit cards, you should look at Cash Now Pay Later options.

In this article

Cash Now Pay Later (CNPL) apps give you fast and easy access to money when you need it the most. It gives you access to fast cash without any credit checks. You can pay back the money in installments when you have it and without any interest. It doesn’t lead you into a debt trap. 

When you should use Cash Now Pay Later

According to credit bureau Experian’s latest findings, the credit card debt of an average millennial is over $4,000. One of the biggest disadvantages of a credit card is its double-digit interest rate. A credit card may not be your best option but what would you do when you are in dire need of money? Cash Now Pay Later is the answer.

Cash Now Pay Later apps like Line offers fast cash without credit history checks. The money you receive is interest-free and it doesn’t impact your credit score. You can return the money when you have it. There is no catch or any hidden charges. Read on to know about the five situations where you can use this option.

To buy essentials

Active working professionals with fluctuating incomes find it hard to pay for essentials like groceries, gas, medication, baby diapers etc. Cash Now Pay Later helps them afford these daily needs in times of uncertainty.

To meet emergency expenses

When you’re in an emergency situation, you don’t have the time to go through a lengthy application process of getting some extra cash. Cash Now Pay Later can help you during emergencies because you get your line of money immediately. At Line, all you have to do is follow these six simple steps:

  • Download Line app from the Apple or Android app store and sign up online.
  • Answer a few basic questions and share your email address.
  • You’ll be required to link your employment data, bank data, SSN and address.
  • Review your qualification and membership plans available to you.
  • Pay with your primary debit card upfront to start your membership.
  • Once you qualify, you can apply and access your Cash Now Pay Later with Line.

To pay your bills

Whether your income is steady or not, recurring bills like utility and rent will keep coming in. When you are short on cash supply, Cash Now Pay Later comes to your rescue. Line allows you to download up to $1,000 when you need it the most. The monthly subscription starts for as low as $1.99/month. 

To pay late fees

If you have already missed your bill payments, you will be charged a late fee. You can pay that extra cost by using Cash Now Pay Later apps like Line. You can upload the money when you get paid next. Line helps you get your finances in line with your budget. You can also get personalized alerts to protect you from overdrafts and NSF fees while keeping you ahead of bills and balance.

To repay loans

If you are under debt and your paycheck won’t be arriving soon, you can avail Cash Now Pay Later to pay your loan installments. This will help you avoid the late payment fee and your credit score won’t get hurt.


Cash Now Pay Later comes in handy when you need money the most. No credit checks and no interest benefits will help you keep your head above the water. 

This page is purely informational. Line does not provide financial, legal or accounting advice. This article has been prepared for informational purposes only. It is not intended to provide financial, legal or accounting advice and should not be relied on for the same. Please consult your own financial, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transactions.

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