Celebrating Halloween In The Midst Of COVID-19

Celebrating Halloween 2020 in safe way with social distancing, flat lay

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Every festive occasion has succumbed to the on-going pandemic crisis and Halloween just joined the list too.

The increase in COVID-19 cases and the unemployment have added a sense of fear among people and what a way to celebrate Halloween to ward off the ‘ghosts of fear’. Festive spirit demands the need to celebrate and for that money is essential because nobody wants to miss out on the occasion as it happens once in a year.

Whether it is the candies or the costumes it is all about spending. The festive spending is inevitable because it is not a daily affair. But this year it has turned out to be an absolute disaster with the looming uncertainty of the pandemic.

What Was Normal?

Wearing colorful, spooky, theme-based costumes and children heading out for trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, candy parties, pumpkin carvings, and costume contests marked the arrival of Halloween.

Finances were compromised as people did not want to miss the fun and the year-long wait that went into celebrating the festival. Nobody really bothered about the money that would be spent to keep the spirit of Halloween alive.

The Worst Is Nearing

The pandemic is yet to hit back and the second wave is just around the corner. The lives of millions have been badly hit and people are scared to venture out without masks and social distancing has been the norm. And these have become normally abnormal with many in financial distress the fun factor is missing big time.

Credit Card vs. Coronavirus

People who believed that credit cards helped in meeting any expenses including the festivities are feeling cheated. According to a survey, almost 40 percent of Americans are more afraid of credit card debt than the coronavirus. A whopping 130 million Americans think the coronavirus is the scariest thing about Halloween this year.

Money-related issues and concerns have hit the roof due to the current crisis and that is bad news for citizens waiting for Halloween during the weekend.

Breaking The Stereotype

A festive occasion is marked by its grandeur, lavish parties, expensive spending, large gatherings but having said that people who could afford it postulated a way of celebration. It was biased though for the downtrodden people and that is where the pandemic has come as a welcome relief to move away from the stereotyped festive motive.

Everything about this year has been atypical and it is safe to follow the way it is, till the ordeal of the pandemic ends. Savings is more worth than spending on things that are bound to happen every year and the smartness lies in reacting wisely to the current situation.

Halloween 2020

The fact is, we started to prepare for Halloween ever since COVID-19 arrived by wearing masks.

Halloween parties can never happen and even if it does then you are at risk. Dr. David Luo, UPMC primary care says that typical plastic Halloween masks with the eye and mouth holes wouldn’t offer any protection either way for children or adults which clearly shows that it is time to get creative and make your own props and have the cloth masks into the costumes incorporated. Social distancing is the only hope to survive the pandemic and anybody who disagrees might be inviting not just ghosts but Corona too.

Candy baskets or bags must be left in a safe area outside for a couple of days to ensure that infection will not be transmitted via candy wrappers. Before feasting on the treats, wash hands before and after eating them and avoid physical contact with the candy, but rather use the wrapper to hold the candy.

Still Doable And Enjoyable

The good news is that Halloween celebrations are still possible even with social distancing. Firstly, even to be creative there is a need for money but there is nothing to worry about as an emergency fund can help you buy the stuff if money is your concern.

Parents must be creative and encourage your kids’ active participation as that can set in the festive mood. Here are some ideas you can try:

  • A Halloween movie night
  • A Candy hunt
  • A spooky photoshoot
  • A Halloween parade
  • Baking a pie or cook a fall recipe
  • Trick the neighbors

Take some extra precautions through hand hygiene and wearing masks all the time till the celebrations are over. If your locality falls above the 5 percent COVID -19 infections range then make sure to assess the levels in the community before planning a small get-together.

Finally, remember that this is a global crisis and there is nothing to feel unhappy in enjoying the occasion the way it has to be and rather focus on how you can make the most of it with what available options you have.

Stay safe and stay happy! Keep smiling, it’s Halloween folks!

By Karthick V.

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