DIY tricks to make Halloween a financial treat

While following these tricks, don't forget to enjoy Halloween this year. You do you, and you'll have a blast even on a budgeted Halloween.

Halloween DIY
The Halloween budget is expected to touch the sky this year. Candy, decorations and costumes have already been hit by inflation. The average American will spend $169 in 2022, according to a recent survey, with parents spending $309 on underage children.

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When it comes to ghosts, goblins, and ghouls, the scariest sight is your credit card bill. Despite being a popular holiday in the United States, Halloween is also an expensive one. That is why it is essential you learn to use DIY tricks to make Halloween a financial treat.

Halloween-related spending would exceed $10.6 billion in 2022, according to reports. For every American, that amounts to $103 in spending. The following tips and tricks will help you save money this Halloween and every Halloween following! Get ready for some spooky fun without breaking the bank. It’s a cliché for a reason! Here are the top tricks to pave your way in making Halloween a financial treat:

DIY your Halloween decor

There are a lot of $30-50 decorations you can DIY using items from the dollar store and household items you may already have on hand. You can browse but use your inspiration to make something yourself. DIY Halloween decor is easy to make, thanks to numerous online tutorials.

Candy portion control

The fact that your neighborhood gets carloads of kids every year doesn’t mean you have to buy carloads of candy. Instead of gourmet chocolate bars, grab a bulk bag of assorted candy if you already know you’ll be visited by 100 princesses and superheroes.

Don’t feel obligated to buy brand-name products, either. Don’t waste money on things you can’t afford because once they’re gone, they’re gone. You aren’t depriving the latecomers of sugar since these kids are getting a lot of it. You can get many ideas online for decorating foods that you already have at home to make them look Halloween-themed.

Pick affordable activities

To celebrate Halloween, you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive attractions or haunted houses. Be sure to bring your own food and drink if you plan to visit one with the family since they are usually expensive.

Take your kids trick-or-treating instead of spending money on tickets, and then put on a frightful film night for them and their friends afterward? As the kids munch on their sweets, they will be entertained for hours by scary films shown on TV or by film subscriptions.

Go thrifting for costumes

One of the most important parts of Halloween has always been dressing up as something scary. A new outfit from the high street can end up costing a lot of money, especially when the kids grow out of them every year. ​​It is often much less expensive to buy costume materials at thrift stores than to buy them new. You may find a variety of old and vintage costumes that people have donated over the years. Additionally, you can find clothes you didn’t know you needed.

For costume inspiration, check out Pinterest or YouTube, where you can find hundreds of budget-friendly costume ideas. Try recreating a makeup look using items you already own rather than buying a mask.

Innovation from the conventional

You can answer with “Cash or Candy” to “Trick or Treat” questions by children. This way, you will also save yourself from the leftover candy problem and will teach kids the importance of money.

This can prove to be a fantastic Halloween tradition that encourages conversations between parents and kids around money and decision-making.

Reuse and recycle 

Apart from going to thrift shops or buying raw materials for DIYing Halloween decor, you can also dig into the trunk of old used items. Besides, you can also consider taking a trip down the lane of nostalgia via the storage boxes of your parents. They might have some of your memorable items still tucked away in boxes safely, which you can put to some use now and save some extra bucks.


We can’t really put the ways of Halloween celebrations in the right or wrong boxes. While following these tricks, don’t forget to enjoy Halloween this year. You do you, and you’ll have a blast even on a budgeted Halloween.

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