Financial Planning For The Super Dad

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A super dad is one who is a single parent withstanding all the responsibilities of his children and their needs financially.

As a single parent, you have plenty of responsibilities resting on your shoulders. You lead the pack and in charge giving you the power and authority to decide the best way to budgeting or how to create a robust financial plan. Experiencing this new financial weight can be pretty overwhelming. After all, you have to determine how to pay off debt or build up your savings account being the sole head of your household.

Here are a few ways to help you make the most out of your income and have a secure future.

Monthly Budget For Single Dads

A single-dad budget might include additional income in the form of child support, but those extra payments don’t always cover all of your expenses. Having a close watch on your spending habits can help you get a holistic idea of your financial situation.

We get it — if money is uncertain or tight, it can be a little worrisome checking on the number in the bank account. You can sense the void if you are newly single and so used to two incomes, your budget can look very different from the ones in the past and you can sense the ‘financial handicap’ and that is why actively managing your bank accounts takes center-stage.

Few, if not all, expenses are likely different and so is the entire household income. Even if you’ve hit a bull’s eye being single for a while and just getting all your finances in order, there still may be some surprises you never anticipated.

Everything rests on you and hence it’s your responsibility now, so all products, services, and monthly financial obligations should be accounted for and treated as tangible and real expenses.

It is common to consider all your monthly payments in the budget plan, but how many of us pay attention to the additional cost that you might incur in the form of discretionary spending every year? Keeping all those additional expenditures in mind, try to account for anything, so that you can adequately prepare and face everything.

Financial Planning: Keep Track of Accounts

One of the most effective budgeting tips for single Dads is to stay on top of everything starting from your accounts. You should monitor your savings accounts for incorrect charges and fraud.

In addition, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on smaller expenses like groceries or any other daily utilities as these channels can lead to the diversion of huge funds from actually going into your savings. An emergency fund free of interest, can educate you on how much you are spending and simultaneously pay on behalf of you during a financial crisis. The ability to monitor upcoming bills and track spending for your budgeting allows you to take necessary action where ever necessary.

Following these steps strictly help keep you informed and eliminates overspending. An essential factor of a single dad is if you know what you have, it’s easier to make smarter choices.

Additional Income Sources

The Pandemic has opened the doors for the gig economy and being a super dad it makes a lot of sense to find multiple points of income generation. The idea is not to wait for an extra job with more income rather it is to have more than one job with minimal income. Remember that there is only limited time in a day that you can dedicate to a particular task and hence taking up too many jobs can ruin your health and quality time with your children for whom you are slogging.

Bottom Line

There are so many aspects that decide your status as a super dad or a single parent like emotions, leading your family, advice, commitment, security, and so on. All these will fall in place only when you tighten the string called finance. Budgeting is a simple and crucial deciding factor for a single parent without which savings will remain an illusion no matter how hard you try.

By Karthik V

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