Fourth of July: 7 ways to celebrate Independence Day on a budget

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  • Don’t buy decorations, DIY them at home.
  • Plan a potluck instead of hosting a party.
  • Borrow party equipment instead of buying them for a single occasion. 

Independence Day is almost here, which means it’s time for parties, fireworks and barbecue!

What makes the 4th of July a favorite holiday apart from Christmas is that it is a great day to celebrate with friends and family, host a potluck, enjoy some good food and watch the fireworks at night.

But there are high chances that you may go overboard with the expenses if you don’t pay attention. Yes, even with a small get-together. So here are 8 fun ways to celebrate the 4th of July on a budget

1. Potluck plan

Hosting a party comes with a price. A potluck party on the other hand can be fun, entertaining and pocket-friendly.

That way you avoid being the only one paying for food and drinks, which are the major expenses in hosting a party. But when each family brings some food and drinks, there is a variety of food and you will be able to keep your expenses low as well.

2. DIY decorations

Why go for readymade decorations from the store, when this is your chance to let your creativity shine? You can totally pull off DIY decorations—you’ll need red, white and blue craft supplies and a hot glue gun to pull off this creativity stint.

If you think it’s a lot on your plate you can get the kids involved too.

3. Design your own outfit

Well, you know what they say, “old is gold” and  that holds true even for your clothes. So, if you’re on a tightrope—financially—then don’t go scouting for 4th of July outfits in stores. Instead, look in your closet to find an old shirt and recycle it. You can design your 4th of July outfit by painting it, or hand printing it—whatever you like—go crazy.

4. Party game night

When you have guests on the 4th of July, keeping them entertained is important—especially kids—they’re a tough audience. So, here’s what you can do, host some activities and games to keep them busy. 

You won’t have to spend too much and you’ll have a bunch of happy guests as well. More like striking two birds with one stone.  

Your games can be as simple as sack races, kickball, twister and so on. 

5. Borrow first, don’t buy

If you don’t have a big fancy grill or pots and pans that you need for the celebrations, don’t rush to the nearest store and splurge your savings just to look good in front of your neighbors. 

Instead, check with family and friends. Somebody will have one that you can borrow for a day or two.

6. A sip of sangria

Be smart about the drinks you serve at your party, arranging alcohol can burn your pockets. Drinks like Sangria won’t get expensive, it’s full of fruits and red wine. Beer can be a good alternative too.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can even plan a “bring your own booze” kind of party. This way everyone brings in whatever they want to drink, there’s variety, there’s saving and loads of fun.

7. Backyard fun

Backyard camping and pool parties are a lot of fun and they don’t cost much.

It’s as simple as setting up a tent in your backyard and spending the night playing games and enjoying quality time with family and friends under the stars.

And if you have a swimming pool at your home, start your celebrations with a pool party. Nothing like a pool party on a hot summer day!

If you’re intentional about how you spend your money, this Independence Day, you can enjoy the holiday without credit card debt—or even money stress!

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