Hanukkah 2021: Thoughtful gifts you can give kids

Hanukkah, the festival of lights, is all about giving. While there are a ton of gifting ideas out there, what really counts this festive season is to make it meaningful. We've got you covered on the best gifts.

Hanukkah thoughtful gifts kids
Hanukkah begins on Sunday, November 28, this year. The festival of lights is going to be a grand celebration especially after the glum year 2020 was thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Join in the festivities with these fun and thoughtful gifting ideas.

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Hanukkah is the time to put on those thinking caps and come up with the best and most thoughtful gifts ideas for each and everyone in the family, especially the kids. Even though eight days of gift-giving can sound exhausting, you can plan ahead and avoid the stress and financial burnout during the festivities.

Give what you can

If you cannot afford to gift everyone, you can save money by gifting only to the youngsters in the family. Some people don’t give a gift but give money on all eight days. The money will add up and you can take the kids to the shop on the final day to buy a gift. This can also teach kids about saving and the joy of waiting until the total amount is saved.


Chocolates are not really expensive but are sure to bring a smile. This is an excellent alternative to gifts because any other gift will surely cost more. Moreover, every kid loves chocolates. You can never go wrong with that. They may not be thoughtful, but they make great gifts for kids during Hanukkah.

Know what they want

You can play a game with the kids to find out what they would buy had $20 (or any amount you have planned to spend). You can understand what they want, and you can surprise them by buying what they had wished for as a gift.

Give money

Giving money will allow them to buy what they want. This would save your time and energy in figuring out what to buy. If you are planning to gift everyone in the family, money will help because people may be in need to pay a bill.

At that moment, any other material gift wouldn’t excite them. Giving money would help them anyway. Some would save it to buy something big they have planned for a long time. Gifts don’t get more thoughtful than this for Hanukkah. Here’s how you can also teach kids to save money.

Pets or plants

Plants, seed-starters kits, chia pets or pets can be unique gifts. They are also relatively cheap and can be exciting for kids who love pets. However, if you are unsure if they will like them, you can ask them if they are interested in pets or plants.

Thoughtful gifts

Just like money, some gifts would be beneficial to a person’s everyday life. Pencils, pens or notebooks will be helpful any day, even though they might not be the most exciting gifts.

You can also figure out their hobbies, interests or tools for their career. However, these gifts might be more expensive than others. For instance, if one of the children struggles to attend online school without a computer or tablet, you can get it for them. 

Give one part each day

If you have gifts that have accessories, like an outfit, you can give one part each day and the final one on the last day. These make the gifts exciting and you can add thoughtful notes in them for the kids about Hanukkah.


You can either donate for the kids or donate for a cause the kids care about. For example, you can buy books for the kids or contribute to a charity that the kids would like to participate in. This way, you also help the people in need during the festival season. What better way to make gifts thoughtful for kids this Hanukkah.

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