How Ryan Reynolds uses his $150M net worth to fight hunger

The handsome comic actor, best known for playing superhero Deadpool, is currently raking in the moolah with the biggest opening night on Netflix for a movie — 'Red Notice'.

Ryan Reynolds net worth
If you’re a big fan of chase scenes you wouldn’t want to miss out on the 'Red Notice' scene through the museum. It features our favorites Dwayne Johnson, who plays an FBI agent and Ryan Reynolds who plays an art thief alongside Gal Gadot.

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Ryan Reynolds, known for his wit and humor, is also known for his big heart and he was especially instrumental in using his net worth fortune to feed the hungry during the pandemic.

Ryan Reynolds, one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, earns quite some big bucks and has accumulated a net worth of $150 million. Reynolds is a Canadian actor who got his big break as a teen soap opera star. He is widely known for his action and comedy roles in films like ‘National Lampoon’s Van Wilder’, ‘The Proposal’, ‘Deadpool’, ‘Free Guy’ and, of course, ‘Red Notice’ now. 

Net worth$150 Million
Date of birthOctober 23, 1976
Height6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
ProfessionActor, producer

Good old days

Ryan Reynolds was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, on October 23, 1976. He started with a bang in 1991 while still in high school when he starred as Billy Simpson in the Canadian teen soap opera ‘Hillside’, which was later broadcast in the US under the title ‘Fifteen’ by Nickelodeon. 

From there, his career was only an uphill journey. Reynolds landed movie after movie like ‘The Odyssey’, ‘The X-Files’ and ‘In Cold Blood’, to name a few. That was just the start. 

He then went on to bag roles in movies like ‘National Lampoon’s Van Wilder’ in 2002, ‘The Proposal’ in 2009, ‘Buried’ in 2010 and ‘Safe House’ in 2012. He also appeared in movies like ‘Just Friends’, ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’, ‘Adventureland’, ‘Women in Gold’ and ‘Criminal’ in a supportive role. 

Best of both worlds 

Reynolds is one of the few actors to headline films in both Marvel and DC Universes. Back in 2011, he starred in ‘Green Lantern’. The film didn’t do well both financially and critically, but Reynolds came back in ‘Deadpool’ and found success in 2016.

‘Deadpool’ set several box-office records. Its worldwide opening of $264.9 million was the biggest of 2016, followed up by the sequel in June 2017. Reynolds went on to win a Saturn Award for Best Actor for ‘Deadpool’ along with a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actor. 

How Ryan Reynolds makes his net worth

The ‘Deadpool’ franchise shot up his salary and Reynolds was added to the league of actors who earn $20 million upfront to star in a movie. He was paid $27 million for the movie ‘6 Underground’. 

His base salary for ‘Deadpool’ was relatively low and amounted to $2 million. But on his payday, it increased 10-fold thanks to his lucrative share of the backend points. While the first ‘Deadpool’ movie cost $58 million it grossed $780 million. He earned enough roughly $22 million in 2017 for the movie and landed his spot as one of the 20 highest-paid actors on the planet for that year. 

Where else he gets his money from?

Reynolds acquired a minority ownership stake in Aviation American Gin for an undisclosed sum. He is the brand’s spokesman and creative director. His cheeky ads, the one with the Peloton girl, helped the brand sales grow massively from 2018 to 2020. The company has reportedly become the second-largest super-premium Gin brand in the US.

He was named the face of Armani Code in 2019 and he even headed the ad campaign for their Absolu scent. That same year he bought an ownership stake in Mint Mobile, which offers low-cost pre-paid mobile phone services. 

Ryan Reynolds net worth in real estate

In 2011, Reynolds began dating his ‘Green Lantern’ co-star Blake Lively. They married a year later and have three daughters together. Later that same year Reynolds and Lively bought a house in Westchester County, New York, for $6 million. The property is about 11.65 acres and their home is 9,000 square feet. He also owns a home in Los Angeles.

Feeding the hungry

Reynolds and Lively have always opened their hearts and checkbooks to help those affected by the hunger crisis fueled by the pandemic. The couple donated close to $500,000 to two organizations Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. They also donated another million dollars to the same organizations to aid their fight against hunger.

Reynolds’ production company, Maximum Effort, launched a diversity and inclusion program committed to hiring BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People Of Color) and other marginalized sections of society in projects.

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