How to get fast cash in an emergency

Regardless of your situation, you have a ton of options to bank on when you need fast cash. Take a chill pill knowing that ultimately money emergencies are only short-term and this too shall pass.

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No matter how careful you are with your finances, unexpected expenses can pop up leading to the need for instant solutions. The need for fast cash arises when it’s most inconvenient. Don't worry. We have you covered on the best solutions.

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Without enough income or adequate savings, you might be scrambling to figure out how to get fast cash when you need it in an emergency. Don’t worry, we’ve put together some ideas about how to get fast cash when you need it most, like in the case of an emergency.

Know your fast cash options

When in a pinch, it’s always good to what options are available to you. Are you in need of fast cash? You might want to consider taking an emergency loan or cash advance. That’s where you can bank on Cash Now, Pay Later with line.

It will help pay off financial emergencies by getting you the money to handle whatever needs immediate attention. The bonus is you can repay over time. Do you need fast cash now? Subscribe to Line and get between $10 – $1000 for emergencies, without interest or credit checks.

Line of credit for continuous need

In case you think you might need fast cash in the future again, consider a line of credit. A line of credit allows you to draw upon an available balance, you will only have to pay based only on how much you’ve taken out.

You will only have to pay any interest if it is accrued. If this still doesn’t work for your financial emergency consider a low-interest credit card after you weigh the pros and cons of course.

Cash in on all unwanted clutter

If it’s not currently bringing you joy and it’s collecting dust and occupying space, it’s time to sell it. You can have a yard sale. It’s the quickest way to land some fast cash in a short time.

Try making the most of Facebook Marketplace to reach people who live close to you – so you can arrange to exchange the items for cash. That way you won’t have to pack up and ship your items as well.

Pick up a gig or a hustle

It can be a part-time gig for extra cash or you’re between jobs. Some employers will be willing to work with your situation. Warehousing and shipping companies constantly hire people to meet the volumes of products ordered online. Grocery stores require people to stock shelves and do off-hours cleaning to meet more health guidelines.

If you have skills that will pay, look for freelance work that can help you earn the emergency funds you need. You could work a few hours with Uber and Lyft. Now they have even adapted to the Covid-19 crisis to offer meal delivery while most restaurants have resorted to take-out and delivery orders only. 

Retirement to your rescue

If you’re in an emergency that needs fast cash right away, dip into your retirement account. Essentially, it is not a good financial move, but keep it as your last resort in an emergency.

However, watch out for fees and tax implications. Research your circumstance and the type of retirement account you have, talk to a financial advisor and be sure you’re making the best decision.

Borrow cash from your credit card

In need of fast cash? This is your open door of opportunity, borrow from your credit card by taking a cash advance. This may be set back from your long-term financial goals. But in cases of emergency, if this is your only option, use a card with a low outstanding balance.

Remember also that cash advances often involve transaction fees that usually carry higher interest rates that are added to your existing card balance.

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