How to give back to the community on MLK Day

It’s Martin Luther King Jr Day and here is your chance to actively step out in service, going by his example. Are you looking for ways you can make a difference this year? We’ve got some ideas for you.

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Think of Martin Luther King Jr Day, and it makes all of us emotional. It takes you back down memory lane of shows, movies and talks from your childhood. He was such an inspiring man and while many people think it was so long ago because of all the black-and-white footage, it really isn't that long ago that MLK spoke of his dream.

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This year, in remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr, we would like to encourage you to get involved in your community on MLK Day. If lending a helping hand is your dream, then you too can give back to the community just like MLK did. While there are plenty of financial lessons to learn from Martin Luther King Jr, are you feeling inspired to give back? We thought so. Here are a few ways you can do just that.

Give to a food pantry

Let’s just say that hunger issues still prevail to date. We come across people who do not have access to food because of a lack of money and other resources. And black households are reported to face hunger at twice as much as white, non-Hispanic households. To top it off the Covid-19 pandemic has created additional issues of hunger.

A breath of fresh air

One of Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s last acts that left behind a legacy was supporting sanitation workers. Those men were seen working under a cloud of pollution and environmental inequity. A huge community of people still fight air pollution to protect children’s health. And supporting the environmental health of your community not only honors the legacy of Dr King but also ensures that future generations realize what he stood for.

Our volunteering suggestions include maintaining clean local waterways, creeks and streams in the community. Also supporting a local farmer’s market by weeding, planting or harvesting. It also includes caring for the environment by petitioning local restaurants to use recyclable materials instead of plastics.

Make America clean 

Going out for a jog? Why not pick up some trash along the way. It is a great way to help make the planet a priority. There are a ton of nonprofits that work towards getting rid of litter and keeping the community and the outdoors clean. Sign up and volunteer with one—all in respect of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, of course.

Just random 

A random act of kindness can never go wrong. You can buy a pizza for a homeless man, or flowers to or people in assisted living facilities. Just do what you are good at and do it kindly. Remember, one act of kindness a day makes the world a better place.

Help a healthcare worker

With the Omicron variant hitting the peak, health care workers are on the front lines yet again and have been for nearly two years. 

Why don’t you take some time off with your community and put some care packages together for them with energy bars, coconut water and sports drinks? That ought to help them power through long shifts.

Volunteer where your passion is

Whether it’s kids, animals or arts, there’s always a project out there you can volunteer with. Look on sites for your favorite charities and find volunteer opportunities that suit your passions.

Even better, come up with your do-gooder activity. Do you love baking? How about baking treats for a local fire department? Do you love animals? How about visiting a shelter and donating food. You never know how your actions will motivate a person to give.

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