Tips to host a last-minute spooktacular Halloween party

Haven't planned your Halloween party yet? Fret not. We have you covered on the best Halloween tips to make that last-minute magic work.

halloween party
Now, who doesn’t love a good Halloween party, right? Raise your hand if you love throwing a party, but you always wait for the last minute to prep. Guilty much? But the good news is that you just hit the last-minute Halloween party ideas jackpot!

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Halloween is without a doubt one of our favorite holidays of the year. All the creepy, crawly decorations and killer costumes are all so festive. Normally, people tend to plan their parties a month or two in advance. There are some who can’t help but somehow make that last-minute halloween party work.

However, we understand that you’ve had a busy schedule and that’s why the last-minute rush, but better late than never. This time, don’t crumble into a zombie and give up. Here are some easy, cheap and last-minute Halloween party ideas that are scary cool!

Outside in 

Have you read a great spooky book or watched scary movies? Then you should know that setting the scene is crucial. You can start by creating some creepy curb appeal to get your guests in the Halloween mood. Try out one or as many of these ideas for decorating the outside of your house for your last-minute Halloween party. 

  • DIY a graveyard look: This is easy, you will find lots of fun gravestones at the dollar store or Target dollar spot. That way you set the tone at the party by adorning your walkway as a temporary residence for the dearly departed. 
  • Fog it up: Rent fog machines for the party or borrow from willing neighbors. If you have the money buy one. This machine will give you an instant Halloween-like ambiance.
  • Lighten the mood on your walkway: Line the walkway up to your entrance with mood lighting. You could cut ghost eyes and a mouth and decorate them to give them the Halloween effect. So cool, right?

Your house may not be the scariest one on the street, but you can still rock it with just a bit of time and effort. Put in some personal flair and tailor it to fit the creepy party vibe that you are looking for. Here are some tips on how to celebrate a budget-friendly Halloween.

Make your front porch look pizzazz 

People say that the eyes are the window, then in that case your porch is the portal to your Halloween party, transporting your guests to another world. Here are some ways to give your porch some pizazz for cheap.

  • Park those witches: Make room for parking witches vehicles – their infamous brooms. You could add a few of your brooms to complete the look. 
  • Give your door a new look: Give your door a costume to set the scene. You could use cardboard and colorful cut-outs to give it a haunted mansion-like look. 
  • Nothing speaks Halloween like bats: The dollar store will be crawling with all sorts of rubber creepy critters that you can buy in bulk.

Don’t you just shudder thinking of your porch right now? The creepiness of walking through your front porch is just unimaginable. Chills! 

‘Treat’ them well

While most of your guests expect tricks, keep them for another day and serve up some simple snacks that look and taste amazing instead. Here are some tricks to save money on Halloween treats.

You could start with caramel apple bars and pumpkin pretzels with melted white chocolate are treats to die for. You could also try ghost berries. All you need to do is dip strawberries in some melted chocolate and add two eyes with a gaping mouth for a ghost face. When the kids come trick-or-treating, you will be able to give some out to them too. 

Halloween fun

Now the guests are home and you’ve got to keep them entertained. It’s always good to have some aces up your sleeve for fun games. Try out these game ideas for super easy and non-expensive ways to use what you have at home for a fun Halloween party. 

  • Minute to win it games: Who doesn’t love a quick and fun Halloween challenge. Try drinking up to 12 glasses of fruit punch in a minute or complete an obstacle course and so on. This keeps things lively and light. 
  • Photo booth: Grab some old costumes and props lying around the house with a backdrop for the photo booth. Let guests go to town taking silly pics with one another.  
  • Costume catwalk: It’s a Halloween party, and of course, you need to show off your costumes. Let your guests walk the runway with some spooky mood music. We also have you covered on how to make money this Halloween.

Everything we’ve suggested is quite simple, cheap and fun for a last-minute Halloween party. We have no doubt you will host a spooktacular party this year… even with only a few days of prep. Now go, get to it. Happy Halloween!

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