How to make money on TikTok

TikTok is taking over the world. If you haven't heard of it, you are probably living under a rock. And while it is a massive source of entertainment, did you know you can make money on it too?

make money tiktok
TikTok was launched in China in 2016 under the name Douyin. Later in 2018, it was launched in the United States. Did you know you can make money from it?

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In recent years, the world has changed with the description of the internet and the boom in social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have not only become a mode of entertainment but also a means of earning income. One such platform TikTok has taken the country by storm but did you know you can also make money on it? What is TikTok and how can it be a tool for you to make money? Let’s find out!


TikTok was launched in China in 2016 under the name Douyin. Later in 201, it was launched in the United States providing a great opportunity for Gen Z and millennials to showcase their talent. At present, it is one of the biggest and fastest-growing social media platforms across the globe. It allows its users to share short videos on various topics including educational videos, dancing and comedy videos, etc.

Make money using TikTok

TikTok users are known as TikTokers and can make money using the social media application. There are also cases where TikTokers make a 7 figure income. It is not just a part-time opportunity but a full-time career option as well. But remember that it takes a good amount of time to achieve overnight success. If you also want to make money using TikTok, we have listed a few ways to achieve that goal.

Clear the base to earn money

This is step zero because in this step you will take measures that can help you make money on TikTok. These steps include creating your own brand, posting content that your audience would want to see, and last but not least increasing your followers. Once you do all these three steps, you can go ahead to the next step and start making money using TikTok.

Tiktok ads

Just like other social media platforms, TikTok also provides its users to post paid advertisements. You can post paid ads or paid traffic in order to gain more audience and as more people will like your content, you can earn more through brand endorsement. It is advisable that you lock up a certain budget to TikTok and to get the maximum advantage.

Sponsored post and influencer marketing

Now, these are some of the popular tools to make money using social media platforms. It is a huge tool for brands to make their audience about their products. If you have a huge following and are in the related niche as a brand, this is a great opportunity for you to collaborate with the brand and make money using TikTok. 

You can also indulge in sponsored posts in which all you have to do is to promote the product and the brand. The payment can be on the basis of your followers and the benefit that the brand gets through you.

Sell your TikTok account 

It is a unique way to make money using TikTok. If you already have a TikTok account having a huge following then you can sell it to another TikTok user and make money. For instance, if you have a TikTok account promoting gaming and if some brand in the same industry would like to purchase your account, you can make money. In the end, it is a matter of preference whether you want to sell your account or not but it is a good earning opportunity.

Start your merchandise line 

On TikTok, there are usually many fans of popular TikTokers. If you are lucky to have this type of following, you can start your own merchandise line such as t-shirts, makeup, hoodies, etc. 

Offer your skills to TikTok influencers 

With this option, you wouldn’t be at the forefront of a TikTok account, but you will handle the back-end management side. If you are good at social media marketing, you can approach TikTokers and sell your services to earn money. You can manage accounts of Tiktokers and approach brands on their behalf. And as your client grows, your money grows as well.

How much money does TikTok pay?

TikTok supports its content creators as announced by them the last year. The qualified creators are likely to receive a certain amount each month for views that they get on the video. There is no particular amount announced by Tiktok but a few TikTok users have said to receive around $0.02 to $0.04 for every thousand views.

How many followers do you need to make money from TikTok? 

There is no minimum or maximum number of followers you need to make money on TikTok. The more followers you have, the better it is for you as you will get more views. The TikTok Creator Fund rewards its content creators and helps them through monetary incentives. But to qualify for that, you will need to have a minimum of 10,000 followers. If you want to make income independently, there is no minimum number required.

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