How to prepare for Thanksgiving 2022

Thanksgiving is a time when the whole family comes together for the happiest meal of the year. Here's how you can prep for it without burning a hole in your wallet.

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Thanksgiving is around the corner. Are you ready to spend time together, make memories and enjoy your favorite Thanksgiving food?

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Thanksgiving is here. Family gatherings, spending time with grandma in the kitchen, waiting for the oven to cook the turkey, trying new dishes and sharing a drink can be a whole lot of fun together, but it needs a lot of planning and preparation. Here’s how you can prepare for Thanksgiving this 2022.

Sketch a plan

Remember you are going to cook and you get to choose the dishes. Your meal may be different from that of your aunt or mum because the turkey size and time to cook will differ. It’s absolutely fine. Your dish will be unique. Now, make a list of dishes you want to cook and the ingredients, cookware and other requirements. What needs to be chilled and what needs to be preheated, everything noted down. Have a menu and pen down the recipes, every step and the time to cook them. If you have any doubts, you can take help from your mum or sister or even a friend.

Check your kitchen tools

Cooking needs a lot of planning and preparation. Once you narrowed down your menu, check if you have the required kitchen tools. Roasting pan, pie dishes, bowls, extra spoons and fork, or even a meat thermometer you may need, do you have them? If you don’t, why wait? Make a list and get them. Clean your oven. There are products in the markets that can ease the process of cleaning. Check if your fridge has enough space to keep your desserts, sides and salads. You don’t want your guests to get a peak at how dirty it may be. Remember to clear out the old stuff.

Scramble through your recipes

The recipe is the key to successful tasty cooking. Make a note of how many dishes you will be cooking. You can cut down on some and focus on your signature dishes. It will be time-consuming if you want to make a whole lot of dishes. Know the right quantity of ingredients and make a budget to help you lessen waste. Your main course, sides, salads and desserts must have a recipe you can follow so you have a backup if you get stuck. 

Thaw your turkey

Turkey is one of the most significant Thanksgiving feasts and requires you to prepare your own plan for it. It will make it easy if you know the basics of how it cooks and the time it takes. The big bird needs a lot of time to thaw. If you have kept your turkey in the freezer, it’s time to thaw it. You need a day to thaw a completely frozen turkey. If you are planning to brine your turkey, it has to be defrosted a day earlier. Stuffing may be fun, but if it doesn’t cook properly or the bird doesn’t get the right temperature, it can be hazardous. Make sure the stuffing cooks well or a safer way is to cook the dressing in the oven. Large turkeys are hard to cook, plan accordingly and choose the right size of turkey you need.

Set your table

Don’t decorate the whole table with flowers or other accessories as you prepare for Thanksgiving. Your guests need enough space to have their meals and you need to spread out your dishes. Instead plan a small centerpiece. Pick a simple design, run the idea in your mind use decorative glassware, veggies, fruits, or maybe simple fresh flowers. Don’t have a last-minute rush, place the plates, bowl, napkins, forks, spoons and knives prior. Double-check after you have set the table.  

Play games

You can join together to plan and play games like thanksgiving trivia, thanksgiving bingo and gratitude games, or go out and take part in a turkey trot near your place, play pumpkin hunt, harvest bowling and do jigsaw puzzles together. Have a list of games you would like to play with friends and family. You can also give small gifts to the winners.

Family time

Thanksgiving is a time when the whole family comes together. This is the time you spend getting to know any new member of your family and learning about your family heirlooms. You can probably draw a family tree, cook together, see old photo albums, have photoshoots or step out and play a game of football. Turn on the television and watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade together. Also, don’t be hesitant to ask for help this Thankgiving.

With a thankful heart and a happy tummy celebrate your Thanksgiving Day together. Happy Thanksgiving!

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