Prepare your holiday plans for the unexpected

With flights being postponed and your trip delayed, what should be the best course of action? Luckily, there are several steps that you can take to save your holidays from being ruined. 

prepare holiday plans unexpected
When you're travelling, it is possible that your flight won’t take off and you may have to be hunkered down in the same destination for some extra nights that you didn’t plan for. You also need to go over your budget and pay more for rentals, rooms and food. All this because it was not in your plan.

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We know you love to travel during the holidays but Covid-19 variants like Omicron and Delta may be putting a damper on your plans. It’s time to address these problems that you might face with your holiday plans and prepare for the unexpected.

The best advice in such a situation is to be prepared for any uncertainty, much like the Boy Scouts. With flights being postponed and your trip delayed, what should be the best course of action? Luckily, there are several steps that you can take to save your holidays from being ruined. 

Airlines’ recovery from pandemic is slow

As there is a surge in people being vaccinated against the deadly virus, international travel bans are also being lifted. This season will be a busy one for travelers.

Reports predict 53.4 million people will travel during the holiday season, which is 13% more than the last year. This means airlines will be recuperating from the losses of last year to an 80% increase. All the more reason you should prepare to ensure your holiday plans are ready for the unexpected. Meanwhile, here is how you can find cheap flights for your holiday travel plans.

Increased demands are a challenge

With returning business, there is a shortage of staff and businesses need to hire and expand flights to meet demands. Experts say these demands are still not met and there can be great consequences even in the case of bad weather.

Holiday travel is concentrated at certain times around the year, which further implores airlines to meet demands. Due to widespread staffing shortages, there will be more delays, cancellations and disruptions. This leads airlines to make schedules of pilots tight because there is little wiggle room.

There is very little space to add disruptions to the schedule. The load factor, which shows the number of seats still available on the flight has been at 90%. Before the pandemic, 80% was the accepted level.

Low flight prices

Despite the lingering problems, airfare stays down. Booking data indicates the cost of a flight ticket is down by 27.3% compared to last year and clocking in at $4,132. The most expensive days are Tuesday and Wednesday. Monday is the day of the busiest travel since it is the least expensive.

However, there is no chance you get to save money in other aspects like food, hotels, etc. The mid-rate ranges have increased by 36% and that ranges at $137 and $172 or the AAA acclaimed hotels. 

How to overcome these problems?

If people are traveling internationally they still have to wait for travel checkpoints. You should give enough days to adjust to the issues. You should have a bag with essentials and snacks for some days in case the flight is canceled or delayed. 

However, even when your best plan fails, you still have some doors open. For example: If there are unexpected delays or cancellations, you can enjoy the benefits that many policies provide. Such as complimentary food, accommodations, local transportation. These benefits will be enforced after 3 hours of the delay. 

What else you should be aware of

You should be knowledgeable about the digital channels of airlines to cash in on online offers. You could see less of the huddled airline counter and do most plans yourself, which is good mentally and financially. 

We recommend reserving flights in the morning. If they get canceled, you still have the whole day to rebook another flight. You should also be well versed in the refund and cancellation policies lest you face problems at the airport. 

Having a backup plan is also crucial. In case your flight is not taking off, you can arrange for a car in advance to reach your destination. Also, take extra scheduled leave from school or office to adjust for the days that make it less stressful.

If you want to further spend your days in the lounge, you should take a day pass before time. This will give you a place to hang out away from the irritated crowd. You should further sign up for a credit card that provides special benefits. 

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