Hacks to save money while shopping on Amazon

Anything you name, it is mostly available on Amazon. However, there are plenty of hacks you don't know that can help you save money while shopping on Amazon.

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Think Amazon and it's not the rainforest that comes to mind first. Yes, to our generations, the first thing that comes to mind is Amazon, the e-commerce company that has brought shopping to our fingertips.

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Amazon is a shopping platform that provides you with a variety of goods such as clothes, electronics, food, groceries and so much more. Anything you name, it is mostly available on Amazon. However, there are plenty of hacks you don’t know that can help you save money while shopping on Amazon.

There are a lot of benefits of using Amazon but at the same time, it can also lead to splurging and you may end up spending money on things you don’t need. Here are a few tips on how you can save hundreds of dollars on Amazon while doing your shopping.

Go Prime

Amazon’s Prime membership program gives you access to exciting deals and discounts on all your purchases. If you are not sure of the benefits, you can opt for their 30 days free trial. You can also sign up for a Prime family account if you have just become a new mother. As your Prime benefit, you will get 20% off on diapers and newborn products. 

Another benefit of opting for Prime membership is that you also get same-day faster delivery without any charges. And lastly, you also get the benefit of using their video streaming platform, music streaming platform, books and unlimited storage of photos. It indeed is a complete package!

Use cashback 

If you have noticed, there are various coupon codes for cashback and discounts available on Amazon for Prime and non-Prime members. It also provides you the benefit of cashback for using particular credit or debit cards. 

Make sure you check these benefits before paying your bills. You can also use websites such as Capital One which would give you different coupon codes to save more money while shopping on Amazon. We even have some tips here on how to stop overspending without cutting down on the fun.

Take warehouse products 

Now it can be tough to find deals on warehouse products but it can be extremely beneficial if you do so. Amazon offers heavy discounts on its warehouse products. These products are mostly refurbished or returned with or without any use. They are completely qualified to be used. 

As these products cannot be sold to regular customers, Amazon offers heavy discounts on these products. The discount can be anything between 5 and 40 percent of the original rate. But always check the products. You will find the information in their descriptions.

Lookout for outlets

This is similar to warehouse products sold online but an outlet store offers a heavy discount compared to a warehouse. The purpose of outlet stores is for Amazon to sell overstocked or old models or discontinue a product line and thus give a really good discount. 

Because it is to clear out stock, you may find it difficult to track a store every time and it generally runs for a day only. If you are lucky enough to find an outlet store, you can get a discount which can vary from 20 to 80 percent.

Sign up for rewards

Amazon has many affiliate partnerships with different card companies that can benefit you. Examples include 5 percent cashback on Amazon when you get an Amazon Prime Rewards Card. You can also get 5 percent back on whole food items and 2 percent back on filling gas, getting medicine and dining out at restaurants.

For that, you will have to buy an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card since it makes you eligible to get rewards. All these steps are easy and can be done by anyone. All you have to do is make yourself aware of search deals and match your timing with discount days. Happy shopping!

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