How to write a check: dos and don’ts

In the age of instant transfers, cashless transactions and digital wallets, a check may seem alien to you. But there may come a time when you may be forced to write a check. How do you do it? We have you covered.

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Ever faced with what you need to write on a check? Here are all the dos and don'ts that goes into writing a check.

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There was a time when writing checks was a very common practice, but now with changing times and a faster pace of technology, things have transformed. Knowing how to write a check and its dos and don’ts is an uncommon feature for most people now.

We have online banking, debit and credit cards, and digital modes of payment. As a result, writing checks have become ancient. This article will help you know how to write a check and what to write on a check! Let’s get started. 

Date is important

This is the first thing that you will see at the top right side of your check. It is written in mm/dd/yyyy format in the United States. You have the option to write it numerically or like 30 August 2021. 

Recipient’s name

Well, you have to write the name of the person receiving the check so he or she can get the money! You will see the line Pay to the order of – that’s where you are to write the name of the individual or a company. Also, you should write the correct and full name on the check

The amount 

How much money you want to transfer to the recipients is the amount you enter in the check. Here you write the amount in numbers. 

The amount in words

You will see the option of writing the amount in words under Pay to the order of. Also, you must add a cap so no one can add any more amount. You can do so by adding “—”, or “/_.  If the amount is a round figure, you can also use the word “even”. 

The purpose

In the Memo line, you can write the purpose of writing the check. You are to keep it so make it as handy and simple as you like. 


This is the last step to writing a check. You will see this option at the bottom of the right side. Sign it properly to avoid getting it rejected. 


What if you make mistakes writing a check?

Well, if you have made a little mistake, you can put a line on the word and rewrite the same. If it is a huge mistake, you have to cancel the check. You can void the check by writing Void on the check in large letters. 

Check with post dates. What is that?

When an individual gives you a check having a future date on it, it becomes a post-dated check. A person can give you the check today, but it can have a withdrawal date after a month. If you submit it before that date, it won’t get passed. 

Can you write a check to yourself?

The answer is yes. You can transfer money using a check written in your name. It helps you transfer funds from one account to the other one. You can also write a check for cash. In this way, you will receive cash in exchange for your check. 

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