How you can avoid bank ATM fees

Bank ATM charges can go as high as $50 or $60 a year! That is why finding a bank that would not put a hole in your pocket is very crucial. If you are looking for such banks, this article is for you.

bank atm fees
Many times, you have to pay fees on the usage of out-of-network bank ATMs. Such fees can cost you $50 to $60 annually. Choosing a bank as per your needs, such as where usage is higher: international ATMs, domestic ATMs or out-of-network ATMs, can help you benefit in waived fees.

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Your bank may provide ATM services, but at the same time, it also imposes fees for the same. In addition to that, using an ATM not falling into the bank network can cost you extra fees and drain your money. The charges can go as high as $50 or $60 a year! That is why finding a bank that would not put a hole in your pocket is very crucial. If you are looking for such banks, this article is for you. So, let’s get started! 

List of banks providing cost-free ATMs

  • Citibank: The most ideal brick-and-mortar bank with domestic ATM access that is free.
  • Alliant Credit Union: Most ideal credit union for free ATM access.
  • Axos Bank: Ideal bank for free ATM access.
  • Charles Schwab Bank: Ideal bank for free international ATM access.
  • LendingClub: Best free access to domestic ATMs.


ATM network: Citibank has a network of 65,000 and counting ATMs that don’t charge any fee from its customers. They also incorporate ATMs in chains like Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and CVS.

Accounts with this facility: All Citibank checking accounts.

Essential points: High-end account holders in Citibank pay low fees including waived non-network ATM  fees. However, a 3% fee is charged for other account holders. If you don’t want to pay this fee, you should maintain the required account balance. 

Alliant Credit Union

ATM network: It has a network of 80,000+ ATMs that don’t charge fees. If you use the out-of-network ATM then you will be reimbursed $20, if the ATM charges any fee from you.

Accounts with this facility: Teen checking, high-rate checking, and checking accounts.

Essential points: You will still have to pay 1% in case of foreign transactions.

Membership eligibility: You need to become a member of Foster Care To Success, which is a charity. Alliant pays this membership fee from their side.

Axos Bank

ATM network: Any ATM located in the US. If an ATM charges any fee, the bank will reimburse.

Accounts with this facility: CashBack Checking, Rewards Checking, and Essential Checking accounts.

Essential points: You can also be reimbursed by the First Checking and Golden Checking accounts but there is a monthly limit to it. A fee of 1% will be charged in case of foreign transactions from ATMs or debit cards.

Charles Schwab Bank

ATM network: You do not have to pay any foreign transaction fee. They have a larger network of ATMs in the world. The fees are rebated by Charles Schwab bank.

Accounts with this facility: High-yield investor checking account.

Essential points: Schwab mainly deals with investment and the account mentioned above is also linked to the Schwab One brokerage account.


ATM network: Any US-based ATM. You will also be reimbursed for any fee that an out-of-network ATM imposes on you.

Accounts with this facility: Champion checking account and Rewards Checking Account.

Essential Points: You will not be reimbursed by an essential checking account for any ATM fee. If you use your card for foreign transactions, you will have to pay a fee even when LendingClub reimburses for ATMs worldwide.

What should be your next step?

If your bank charges an ATM fee, it is crucial to keep in mind that financial institutions allow you to make fee-free ATM transactions from the ATMs owned by them. They can also help you to locate a nearby ATM. Many community banks and credit unions also co-share ATMs for your convenience. So do your homework, and avoid paying fees. 


  • Citibank: Has 65,000+ ATMs.
  • Alliant Credit Union: $20 reimbursements per month for out-of-network ATM fee, 80,000+ ATMs.
  • Axos Bank: Fee reimbursements are unlimited for certain accounts.
  • Charles Schwab Bank: Worldwide unlimited ATM fee reimbursement.
  • LendingClub: Fee reimbursements are unlimited for certain accounts.

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