5 financial investment lessons from a cup of tea

One of the oldest and most cherished brews in the world has more to offer than just being a good drink. Here are 5 financial lessons we can learn from a humble cup of tea.

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What's in a cup of tea, you ask? A lot if you count not just the water, milk and sugar, but also the money lessons. You read that right. There are financial takeaways from a cup of tea. Now that's a mouthful!

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Life is beau-tea-ful. On International Tea Day, it is worth celebrating one of the oldest and most cherished brews across the world. But there’s more to this humble brew. Here are 5 financial lessons we can learn from the humble cup of tea.

You just can’t rush it

When it comes to a cup of tea, one of the most interesting lessons is that it requires patience. You just cannot rush it. If a cup of tea needs to steep for 5 minutes, you have to wait for 5 minutes. You just can’t make it steep any faster.

It’s the same with investments. If you want returns, it will not happen immediately. Returns require a certain amount of waiting. The returns from a deposited amount are worth the wait, just like the perfect flavors from a cup of tea.

If we want the good stuff, we need to have patience. And if you have to wait, you might as well enjoy it.

Find the right pour

Pouring a cup of tea is an art. The finesse of pouring out the right amount from the pot requires some skill. Pour too fast and the tea will spurt over the cup. Pour too slow and there’s a chance of tea dribbling down onto your favorite tablecloth. The perfect way to pour tea is to tip the pour at just the right angle.

The same goes for successful investments. Find the right flow in how you manage your investments. Rush too fast into trends and the risk factors are high. Investments in cryptocurrency have high-risk value and you could lose more than you invest. At the same time, don’t be too cautious and lose out on good investments. Start small. Buy stocks for less than $5 per trade. Mutual funds are also low cost. Finding the flow is a key to success – and it takes a bit of experience before you know how to find it.

Don’t let it go cold

You know when a cup of tea is sitting out for a while, it starts to get cold. And cold, stagnant tea is never good. It loses its freshness, warmth and presents a missed opportunity for a good evening drink. However, tea can be revived for a second steeping by emptying the cup and pouring a fresh round of hot water.

Investing opportunities are similar. If you let it stagnate for too long, it will grow cold and you will not be successful. It’s essential you capitalize on opportunities quickly after careful assessment. Missed opportunities are just that – missed – but you never know, sometimes you can circle back for a second shot.

The best things come in tried and tested packages

Tea isn’t just tea. Some of the most famous teas are, in fact, a blend of multiple ingredients that come together to create the perfect flavor. Blends come in a variety of combinations, but it all boils down to the balance of flavors. A pinch of this and a hint of that.

Managing your money is all about getting the right balance. It requires good ingredients like planned investments, budgeting, tracking where your money goes and cashing in on opportunities. In the end, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Learn from them. Practice makes perfect when it comes to financial lessons, especially from tea.

Know which is your cup of tea

Tea has a world of its own. It can be hot or iced, it can speed you up or calm you down, it can be a healing herbal blend, a spicy blend, a smooth blend. Somehow, it looks like tea can do anything and everything.

But not every tea is for everyone. You need to know what suits you best in your current situation. Looking for a decaf evening tea to relax? Sip on a herbal tea. Need a bright morning pick me up? Earl grey is your pick. Hot summer days and iced peach tea is perfect to chill out.

Knowing which investment to make, how to cash in on your financial strengths and knowing what you want to do with your money is the right way to approach your money management.

At the end of the day, have a cup of tea, implement these money lessons and raise a toast to your financial health!

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