Labor Day 2022: Your to-do list for the weekend

Labor Day is celebrated to recognize the efforts and contributions of workers all over the country. The long weekend holiday gives you the perfect opportunity to plan a trip or some fun activities for you and your family.

labor day weekend
Make the most of this Labor Day weekend with a plan of all the activities you want to tick off on your to-do list.

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Labor Day was first celebrated in 1882 and was then declared a federal holiday in 1894. Celebrated as a day to recognize and honor the contributions of workers toward the economic, political, and general growth of the United States, it is observed on the first Monday of September every year. Since it essentially is a long weekend, it is known as Labor Day weekend. Families and individuals plan a lot of fun activities, go on trips, and enjoy shopping at huge discounts and sales this weekend. 

If you haven’t had the chance to plan a holiday or activities to spend the weekend at home, check out this list of activities we’ve put together. We’ve done all the groundwork so that you can spend a fun Labor Day with your family and friends. Read why we celebrate Labor Day here.

Fun stuff to do at home 

Sprinkle your way through the weekend 

We’re sure your kids love to run through sprinklers all day long. In fact, it’s a fun activity for the entire family. Set up your sprinklers and join your kids for some time. You’ll get to see why it excites them so much. 

Decorate your porch 

A long and quiet weekend is a great time to decorate your front porch and get ready for the fall season. Why not take this time to decorate your home so that it’s the best one on the block? There are plenty of ideas for you to try, from garlands to wreaths, pumpkins, and a lot more. This Labor Day is a perfect opportunity for you to explore your creative side. 

Host games in your backyard 

Get your family and friends together for a fun backyard games tournament. From board games to tossing beanbags and various other lawn games, your options for an activity-and-fun-filled weekend are practically limitless. 

Host a movie and dinner weekend 

Whether you’re into movie marathons or food fests spanning over days, the Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to host a backyard cookout. Get plenty of movies as well and you’ve got yourself enough entertainment for the entire 3 days. The only trouble might be getting your friends to leave after all that fun. 

Get your family into making ice cream 

Kids love ice cream, we all love ice cream. But making ice cream is hard work, especially if you’re making it by hand. This just might be a great way to keep your kids and yourself occupied, by getting an ice cream kit to make it at home. Your kids will learn the importance of hard work and get to taste the fruits of their ‘labor’ as well. 

Complete that house project you’ve been putting off 

If you’ve been procrastinating on finishing or perhaps even starting a house project that you intended to long ago, the Labor Day weekend would be a good time to get down to it and finish it. Redo your kitchen, paint your room, organize your closet, or do anything else you’ve been putting off. 

Try a new recipe 

If you love to cook, this one’s for you. Try out a new recipe. If it’s baking, it may take you a few attempts to get it right, so a long weekend is perfect for you. 

Camp with your kids in your backyard

The extended weekend means your kids will need an outlet to expend the extra energy they have from not having to go to school on a Monday. The solution – set up a camp in your backyard and give them a camping experience while also having the comforts of home. Cook, play, sleep under the stars, and do a lot more with your family. 

Things to do outside your home 

Plan a road trip 

The 3-day Labor Day weekend gives you a great opportunity to go on a long road trip with your family or friends. If you’re going with your kids and partner, get them involved in helping plan the trip as well. Break out your map and plot your journey along with rest stops and accommodation. 

Shop till you drop 

Some of the biggest events that people wait for during the Labor Day season are the sales and discounts that are normally offered by large brands and retail chains. It presents a wonderful opportunity to stock on everything you’ve wanted to buy in the past few months. Some of the products most shopped for include school essentials, patio furniture, electronics, and kids’ clothing. 

Ride a bike 

Been wanting to get some physical exercise but haven’t gotten around to doing it yet? Then take your bike out and hit the trails for a day or two this weekend. You can get some rental bikes and make it a family affair as well. 

Hit a nearby swimming hole 

Swimming is another good option if you’re looking for some physical activity. Look up nearby swimming holes that are frequented by people in your area and spend some quality time in the water with your loved ones. 

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