4 must-know financial tips for working professionals

Working professionals face a variety of financial challenges. It can seem overwhelming. So we’re taking one for you and helping you take the right steps.

Labor Day is here. And it’s time to celebrate you and all the hard work you put in over the years. Pat yourself on the back for all those late nights, extra lattes, unending assignments, long meetings and extra productivity, living paycheck-to-paycheck, including your unemployed and broke days. You made it this far! But there’s a long way to go.

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We know you’re a professional worker, and we know that you’re super responsible for what you do. But chances are you’re thinking about balancing work, your family and getting your financial game on point! So we’d like to take dealing with finances off your plate and help working professionals like you with good financial tips as a Labor Day gift to you. 

Working professionals face a variety of financial challenges and it’s possible to hit an all-time low on your productivity when this is at the back of your head. It can seem overwhelming for you. So we’re taking one for you and helping you make the right steps. And guess what? 4 steps with Line is all it’s going to take.


“Saving money” is very understated today in a world of instant gratification. But did you know that saving has many proven benefits, in fact, saving money is one of the best financial habits you can adopt. If saving money doesn’t come easy to you it’s because you don’t see the point at the moment. But eventually, you will. What’s even better is for you to save with Line.

You can start small with as little as $5 or more if you can. Put in your rainy-day savings account. The perks you ask? You get to earn a 0.5% savings bonus annually and a chance to win up to $100,000 every week. Better start saving up now. Just when you think you’re going to break and use up your savings, Line’s personalized alerts pop up to help you avoid spending. You can even link all your cards (debit and credit) and get exclusive cashback offers for up to 20%.


By Spend we don’t mean spend recklessly, we mean spend wisely. You must make a difference in your financial situation. When you know how to spend your money, you can avoid some financial death traps. Line’ got your back yet again to ensure that you have mental peace. If you don’t want to hit rock bottom and stay on top of your money game, with Line you can keep an eye on all your account balances.

You will know where your money is going out and coming in and make comparisons with your monthly obligations to avoid excess spending. You can even get personalized budget plans, recommendations and alerts to stay ahead of monthly bills and expenses.


The future is unpredictable. You can try but it’s just not possible to predict what is in store for you. But you can always prepare yourself for uncertainties. All you need is a good plan – a financial one. Everyone has goals, desires and objectives that we dream to fulfill at some of the other stages of our lives and without a solid financial plan, it’s all in vain.

Whether it’s that summer wedding you’ve always dreamed of, or that car you want to buy, or even for your latter days of chilling, plan your financial future with Line. You can prioritize essential expenses. And keep watch over your finances with a personalized plan.

Know how one financial decision can impact your credit score with our simulator. So yeah, that new iPhone can wait. We also have some serious debt control steps that you can take to pay off old debts and avoid a debt trap.


“Plan for life’s certainties and prepare for life’s uncertainties”, they said. Well, they are right – whoever they may be. With Line’s Cash Now Pay Later, you have access to $10-$1000 so you can protect yourself and your family against financial uncertainties, credit checks. Pay later without interest. It gets even better because plans start at just $1.97/month.

Download the Line app and set personalized alerts to protect you from overdrafts and other fees. That will keep you 10 steps ahead of bills and balance.

Our exclusive features prioritize your privacy and help you monitor credit alerts, SSN, change of address, the dark web and assures you $1M identity theft protection insurance.

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