Last-minute holiday plans: How to get the best deals

Going last minute means you will have to be a bit flexible with your dates as well as your plans. If you’re willing to compromise just a little bit, you can still have a really good vacation.

Haven’t had time to plan a holiday yet? Don’t worry, it’s not too late yet. With a little bit of planning, flexibility and searching, you can still have a great vacation this year.

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It has been a very long and difficult year for all of us. And if you haven’t had the time to plan a holiday yet, don’t fret. There’s still some hope left. Most people love to plan their holidays well in advance and set their plans in motion. And then there’s a segment that can’t help but make last-minute holiday plans.

Tips for last-minute holiday planning

Most people book and plan in advance because some of the best holiday deals are offered early. This helps save quite a bit of money as well. But that doesn’t mean last-minute holiday plans always have to cost a lot.

Keeping a few things in mind can go a long way in helping you plan a nice holiday at the last minute and get a good place for you and your family to spend the vacation. If you haven’t been able to plan a holiday yet, here are some holiday hacks to make your last-minute plans a little easier and cost-effective. 

Have flexible dates and plans

Going last minute means you will have to be a bit flexible with your dates as well as your plans. If you’re willing to compromise just a little bit, you can still have a really good vacation. Being flexible is how you can make the most out of a last-minute plan. Here’s how – flexibility can help you get better deals on travel options.

Traveling on certain days will be much cheaper than others. For example, if you opt to fly on Christmas Day rather than on Christmas Eve, you usually tend to pay less. Also, see if you have unclaimed points and miles remaining with you. If your travel plan allows you to use them, why not make your holiday cheaper by that much?

Next, if you’re willing to be flexible on your mode of travel, it could help greatly too. Apart from that, try and be flexible with your entire holiday. With Covid-19 still rearing its ugly head every few weeks, you never know when travel restrictions could be imposed again. So have a plan B just in case you have to cancel and reschedule for another date. 

Get expert help when needed

Getting in touch with a travel expert or specialist is a good idea especially if you’re looking to make last-minute plans. A travel expert will be able to help you identify the best deals being offered at the moment and book your holiday accordingly. Just in case something goes wrong, they are also your best bet when it comes to getting a refund if you’re not able to travel. 

Try group trips, they’re fun 

Let’s face it, making holiday plans from scratch at the last minute is not a lot of fun. So, here’s a better option – go with a group that has already planned a holiday. There are plenty of group trips available today. All you have to do is to tag along with your group and enjoy your holiday. It may seem weird to holiday with strangers, but the whole point of the trip is to bring people together and help them get to know each other while on a trip. Many group trip participants say that the experience is a lot of fun. It just might be what you need this year. 

Get travel insurance 

Travel insurance is important. With Covid-19 running its course, every insurance plan seems to be offering a different cover for Covid-related issues including trip cancellations. If you’re already covered by your own travel insurance, look at the terms and conditions to see if they have updated them to include Covid-related challenges. If you don’t have a travel insurance plan yet, get one before you travel. 

Don’t stick to non-stop flights 

Non-stop flights are usually more expensive than flights with a stop or two in between your final destination. Look if this helps reduce the cost of your last-minute plans. For all you know, you might enjoy your layover in a new city even if you have to spend it in the airport for a little while. 

Consider the road less traveled 

You may be able to find good last-minute deals at hotels in a number of major cities. But why not look at some of the lesser-known cities and towns as well. Since they are not prime destinations, the crowds will be lesser and you may get great rates too. You can also use an online search option to find the cheapest rates being offered at less popular destinations across the country. 

Don’t book a round trip on the same airline 

Booking a holiday round trip on a single airline seems like the logical thing to do. But have you thought of booking two one-way tickets one each on a different airline? This might work out to be cheaper and may even help you get flights more suited to your convenience.

So, don’t just go with the first option that pops up for you. Searching a little more can help you save more money and help you do your last-minute holiday planning better. 

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