Miss Universe 2021: Miss India Harnaaz Sandhu and her ‘reigning’ benefits

We have a winner! The new Miss Universe is here, carrying on a tradition passed on for generations. However, did you know the crown comes with a multitude of benefits. Read on to know how lucky these winners truly are.

miss universe benefits
And we have the new Miss Universe! The brand-new Miss Universe crown went to Miss India Harnaaz Sandhu who was crowned by the previous Miss Universe from Mexico Andrea Meza. But how much is the prize really worth? Read on to know more.

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Miss Universe is one of the most prestigious titles to hold in the pageantry world — for 365 days of course and comes with a range of benefits! While the fight is long and hard, once a queen is crowned it’s all worth the perks that follow. 

Did you know that the Miss Universe winner gets to take home a total cash prize of $250,000? And that is exclusive of sponsor perks! Here are all the monetary benefits that follow the Miss Universe winner.

Miss Universe: All eyes on the prize

As glorious as the big four pageants are, the winner doesn’t actually get to win the world, earth or even the universe. Instead, she wins a prize package worth millions of dollars. Although it won’t all be in cash — that is just as good enough, don’t you think?

The cash prize of $250,000 comprises a monthly stipend, a year’s stay in a posh condo in New York City that comes with clothes and gifts from sponsors. Not to forget that she gets to keep the Mouawad Miss Universe Power of Unity Crown, a bespoke work of extraordinary craftsmanship worth millions. That’s just the start, it only gets better from here! Here’s all that the winner gets:

  • Haircare supplies and tools for a year from Farouk Systems, the makers of CHI Haircare. 
  • A shoe wardrobe from Chinese Laundry Shoes & Accessories.
  • Personal care benefits like membership with Gravity Fitness and hair services from John Barrett Salon.
  • A modeling portfolio by leading fashion photographers.
  • Dermatology and skin care services.
  • Professional health and nutrition consultation.
  • Dental services.
  • Professional representation by The Miss Universe Organization
  • Extensive travel representing sponsors and charitable partners
  • Access to casting opportunities, movie premieres, screenings, Broadway shows and launch parties.
  • A personal appearance wardrobe and styling by the official Miss Universe Organization fashion stylist.

All this for her 365-days reign – with all costs and expenses taken care of. Lucky queen!

Miss Universe and her big bonus

However, there are more monetary benefits than just the prize money of the pageant. The winner is entitled to receive a big juicy bonus at the end of her reign. 

Just like everything else, conditions apply even here. The bonus is highly dependent on the number of endorsements she can bring into the Miss Universe Organization by the end of her reign. Hence the more money the MU Organization makes out of her, the bigger her bonus is. Talk about “benefits” being a two-way street! 

Well, we’re cheering the winner on in her one-year reign that starts today. May she live to be a queen of endorsements and hearts of course!

Former Miss Universe Andrea Meza

The high life

Apart from a modeling portfolio shot by world-famous photographers, fully sponsored travel privileges, professional personal styling and professional health, nutrition and dermatology consultations, the Miss Universe winner will have exclusive access to events, parties, premieres, screenings, and even casting opportunities.

That’s not all, for a whole year, the Miss Universe winner will be living the high life, which will be a stepping stone for even more opportunities and endorsements in the future. For more stories like this, visit our blog.

When all’s said and done, the Miss Universe pageant does open doors for plenty of other opportunities. If the winners play their cards right, they can make some big bucks because the crown marks only the beginning of their career.

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