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Have you ever wondered what millions of dollars looked like? Or did you know how accurate counterfeit bills are? Did you know there are museums about money? On International Museum Day, we take you on an inside tour of the country’s money museums!


Money Museums are maintained to teach us about the history of banking and the evolution of currencies.

While Covid-19 has locked us at home this season and touring a museum doesn’t seem to be a cracking idea right now, we can always tour the online footprint of money museums through their websites.

But in order to make their presence felt, Museums have even gone the extra mile to give us virtual tours of their exhibits. Here are a few money exhibits to visit in America. Online of course!

American Numismatic Association

The American Numismatic Association’s Money Museum is a nonprofit organization that educates and encourages people to collect coins.

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Key Speciality: This museum has Mini Mint, an extensive collection of historic, rare, valuable, and colorful vintage paper money from the US and around the world.

It also includes a $10,000 Series 1934 Federal Reserve Notes, printed from December 18, 1934, until January 9, 1935.

You can check out all of the ANA’s excellent virtual tours here.

Federal Reserve Bank

Several of the Federal Reserve banks across the country have announced a variety of virtual tours on their websites. Want to look on the inside of the world of money from the safety of your home? This is your way.

Location: St Louis, Kansas, Atlanta

The Economy Museum,  St Loius

Key Speciality: Has larger-than-life exhibits including an eight-foot-tall giant penny and the Million Dollar Money Cube.

Take the virtual tour here.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Key Speciality: The digital exhibit features stories of Black Americans and their struggles to access credit. It also highlights the establishment of the first Black-owned and operated banks.

Take the virtual tour here.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Key Speciality: Their tour lets you click through their most notable exhibits like the gold bars.

Take the virtual tour here.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Key Specialty: Chicago Fed has a money museum offering photo ops with a Money Cube. That contains a million one-dollar bills and a suitcase filled with $1 million worth of 100-dollar bills.

Check out the site here.

Higgins Museum of National Bank Notes 

Location: Okoboji, Iowa

Key Speciality: The museum displays the country’s largest collection of currency issued by chartered U.S. banks.

Check out the museum here.

On International Museum Day, we hope you enjoy all these virtual tours and exhibits on this list.

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