Streamline: Why you should listen to personal finance podcasts

Our podcasts will help you, our listeners, feel more confident with your money and push you to make smart, proactive financial decisions.

Getting our finances in order is something we should’ve been taught in school. And now we have loans, credit scores to work on, mortgages to pay and the list goes on. This is totally normal even for successful entrepreneurs. So, it’s important to nurture smart money habits.

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That’s why we all love insightful podcasts that can break it all down. It’s National Podcast Day and we at Line would like to steer you in the direction of financial independence through our podcasts. Take a listen to these top personal finance podcasts by Line.

They are your one-stop destination on how to save, spend, plan and protect your finances. You won’t just understand the concepts better. You will even master them all! How? Because when you listen to money podcasts, you do the following:

Become aware of important financial terms 

Language can be a huge barrier to personal finance. Would you want a fixed-rate, an adjustable-rate, or interest-only, or FHA mortgage? Should you claim the standard deduction on your taxes or itemize? Sounds like French now. But you’ll get used to the language when you listen to our podcast.

Take interest in investing

Line podcasts are accessible and compelling. They get you thinking more about your money and what you can do with it. Maybe you can buy stocks or put more into your retirement funds! Here’s what else you can do with your money.

Debunk myths about loans 

Our podcast also gives you a clear picture of loans, credit and credit scores. If you’re a first-time borrower and there are misconceptions you’ve believed in, then our podcast will debunk five personal loan myths. It will also help you understand whether you should be applying for one or not.

Know how to avoid bad debt

It’s common for students to accumulate a lot of debt. With expenses like student loans and credit card payments, debt can add up and create a financial mess for you if you don’t understand how credit works. Most young people tend to overspend with a credit card without having enough income to pay it off. If they don’t understand this process, it can take several years to pay off that debt. Our podcast will help you understand why you need to improve savings and stop wasting money.

Motivated to save more money and spend right

If you understand financial concepts, you are more likely to set aside money for saving. If you love spending money, you should love saving it too! Most people are unaware of the amount they need to save for emergency funds, or a down payment on a house, and even for retirement.

You should know how to save money properly to achieve financial independence faster, prepare for unexpected expenses, and develop healthier spending habits as adults. Listen to our podcast 5 ways to save money even if you love to spend for a better idea on saving.

This page is purely informational. Line does not provide financial, legal or accounting advice. This article has been prepared for informational purposes only. It is not intended to provide financial, legal or accounting advice and should not be relied on for the same. Please consult your own financial, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transactions.

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