5 thrift shop hacks to score exciting finds when you spend

The thrifting lifestyle helps lower-income families because this is where they can find affordable clothing, furniture and other household items.

What better day to sing “I’m gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket” than on National Thrift Shop Day. Yes, you guessed it right! The song is 'Thrift Shop' by Macklemore. This was and still is a massive hit. One, because of its tacky melody. And the second reason being the artiste who wrote the song was committed to having an impact on racial and social justice issues.

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Thrift shopping is a fantastic way to buy things you need to buy for cheap. Thrift shops are treasure troves especially for those who know where and how to look. Follow these 5 tips to score some exciting finds on your next thrift store trip.

Cash in on deals and specials

Most thrift stores offer discounts to certain groups like seniors and students. There are special days or hours where stuff goes on sale. Grab the opportunity and rush to the store near you. Some stores even offer a discount when you pay with cash.

Ask for a discount

This can be difficult at larger thrift stores, but remember that at some point, all thrift stores need to clear items off the inventory. If there are defects in items don’t be afraid to point them out and ask for a discount. If they can’t change the price of that item, then ask if they can throw in a smaller item for free. And who doesn’t love free stuff right?

Shop seasonally 

Seasons bring the best prices. And thrift stores work similarly to traditional retail. Want to pick up some cheap Christmas décor or patio furniture? Go thrifting right after peak seasons. This is when everyone clears out their closets.

The same goes with clothing, which means you, can shop for boots and jackets and sundresses and glasses.   

You should visit often

Thrift stores don’t carry standard merchandise or take regular orders. What’s available depends on what was brought most recently. If you want to call dibs on the latest items, find out the days and times your thrift store restocks its shelves.

Always check the back racks

Thrift stores don’t carry multiple items, unlike traditional stores. The best pieces are always on the racks at the back of the store. These items are still valuable enough to try on. So just because they weren’t a good fit for the person who originally found them doesn’t mean they won’t work for you.

Check clothes carefully 

Check clothes for stains, loose threads, missing buttons and other potential issues. Do a full assessment; turn items inside out.

If you’re making an electronic purchase, plug it in to be sure that it works. For books be on the lookout for damaged or missing pages. Make a note of any and all damage before making a purchase

Consider the neighborhood

Thrift store inventory comes from the surrounding neighborhood. So if you want to pop in style, look for thrift shops in places where you admire the style.

For instance, New Yorkers who want to look hip and trendy should try thrift shopping in Brooklyn. But if you’re going for chic and classic, Upper East Side of Manhattan will probably be a better fit for you.

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