Social Media Day: 4 ways to make money online

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  • The fundamental rule of social media is staying active.
  • You can get paid to have an opinion on a certain product. Make your voice count!
  • You can turn your social media accounts into a sales funnel and even into a virtual online store.

Love scrolling through social media now and then? So, on Social Media Day let’s talk about how you can turn your dedication to scrolling to make some money.

If you know how to play it right and you put in your effort, social media can be quite lucrative. You won’t believe it but for many, this is their full-time job! It gives them freedom and independence and a comfortable salary. What more could you want? Social media hustles bring some serious money and the sky’s the limit for the number of ways you can make money through it. But we’ve narrowed it down to 4 ways

1. Get paid for sponsored posts

Earn by promoting another business on your account A.K.A “sponsored posting”. It’s that simple and direct. A brand will sponsor posts to show on your pages and when a user clicks on that ad, you get a commission. This way you can even leverage a large following on social media.

2. Get paid to have an opinion

Are you one of those know-it-alls that have an opinion about everything? Well, here’s your chance to make your voice count (it already counts), this will ensure you count dollars later as well. All you need to do is find companies that seek out reviews, test their product and blog about it. It’s another easy yet effective way to make money on social media. Plus, you get to keep the product for free (wink wink).

3. Get paid for your products 

Have a creative side to you that’s in hiding? Time to come out of the closet and start selling your craft. You can turn your social media accounts into a sales funnel for your products or services. Some social media sites allow you to turn your social media accounts into virtual online stores.

4. Get paid to share your knowledge

If you have a niche business, then you can make money posting videos on YouTube. You can create ‘how-to’ content on a niche topic and earn money based on the overall view count. You’ll need to set up videos that also allow ads to show up on your channel and based on the number of times those ads are viewed, you’ll get paid. More video views lead to more ad views, which means more money.

This may not allow you to quit your job but it will ensure that your bank account doesn’t get hurt.

Get started

Setting up a social media model can get overwhelming. Take it one day at a time and one step at a time. But do start! Because at the end of the day it’s worth every penny you receive.

The trick is staying active

The fundamental rule of social media is staying active. If you have an account but the last post is from six months ago, your followers will lose interest. Want to make money from social media, you’ve got to keep those followers coming by posting as often as you can.

It can be as simple as a photo of your products or a quick comment on the weather, but let your followers know that you’re still around.

Every penny counts

Social media doesn’t generally produce a huge amount of income, but it’s low-cost and requires low effort to make some extra cash. Moreover, you are growing awareness of your brand and building relationships with other brands. And that’s a good thing in the long run.

But if you’re on social media anyway, why grab every opportunity to make a little extra cash? Think about it.

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