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Spider-Man: Money lessons to learn from the superhero

He's amazing, ingenious, smart and charming. But did you know Peter Parker/Spider-Man also has some money lessons up his sleeve? Read on to know how money management is part of Spidey's web.

Excited about ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ starring Tom Holland and Zendaya? Are you screaming at the top of your lungs for the best version of Peter Parker and MJ yet? We can’t wait for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's next big hit. But, before that, did you know Spidey has some crucial money lessons to add to your personal finance network?

In this article

Yes, we all love Spider-Man, but we never thought of him as a financial hero. Surprise! Spider-Man/Peter Parker does have some lessons on money management and frugal living. Let’s swing into the deets.

Make money first and then save the world

If you’re a die-hard Spider-Man fan, you should know that Peter Parker’s first foray as Spider-Man was nothing but a money-making opportunity. Flashback: not too long after he got his superpowers, Peter Parker participates in a wrestling event to win $3000. He wanted to use the amount to buy a used car to impress his soon-to-be girlfriend.

Well, we don’t personally advocate buying cars to impress other people, but what this young guy did by hustling hard to get cash is impressive. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t advocate throwing yourself into a wrestling ring either. We know your hospital bills might far outweigh whatever you win.

The point is, take up side hustles when you are young and start accumulating capital. Grab every opportunity to earn and save the money you make. Be like Peter Parker.

With great power comes great responsibility

Talk about Spider-Man and the above quote hits you like a dart. How can you not talk about that quote when talking about Spider-Man? 

It is super easy to abuse new-found powers. Likewise, if you stumble upon a ton of money and have no self-control, you might just end up with some reckless spending habits. But for the most part, we can all testify that money is hard to come by, but very easy to spend. So, yeah! With great money comes great responsibility.

Do it yourself 

In the storyline, we see Spider-Man/Peter Parker designing and making his own costume. We’ve got to give him brownie points for sewing the costume.

Way to go Pete! You’re pretty good for a young kid who probably doesn’t know anything about sewing! The focus here is not fashion. It applies to many aspects of your life. If you can, “don’t buy it DIY it”. 

Here are a few personal examples: you can make your coffee, instead of spending $6 on it. Paint your home yourself with your family instead of hiring a painter to do the job. Not only will you save at least a hundred dollars, but you get some family bonding time as well.

There you go, now you’re set to be your own superhero with these amazing lessons on money management and frugal living from your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Have you bought your tickets yet? Get ready for the mega event and read all about how Tom Holland uses his net worth for good on our blog.

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