Stash some cash when you’re broke: 8 ways to do it

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  • If you’re big on drama, you can even take on roles as an extra on a TV show or movie.
  • Participate in clinical trials and research as a subject.
  • Offer freelance customer care support.

Let’s talk about being broke. Been there done that?

That moment when you summon up the courage to peek into your bank account and wince at the ATM screen, or slowly close your online banking app aghast at the balance. Words fail to describe what you’re feeling at the moment.

What next!

You frantically start looking through the internet for sources of help and inspiration. You have a line of bills dues—and you’re hunting ideas to make money that will get you off the hook

Then your inner hustler mentality comes out to save your day. When you’re broke, you do whatever it takes to make extra money.

It doesn’t matter that you’re unemployed or just graduated— this one’s for you, here are 8 ways to make money when you’re broke.

1. Get shopping

An oxymoron right there. But mystery shopping is a thing, where you get paid to shop and dine out. You don’t believe it? It’s a fully regulated industry and all you need to survive in this industry is to have a sharp eye and memory.

Here’s how it works, you will be sent out to shops, hotels and pubs, then you’ll have to create a report on the service you receive. So, bring out the shopaholic from within.  

2. Canine care

Are you a dog-lover? Then make some cash by adopting a dog for a couple of days.

When neighbors are away on holiday, you visit their house a few times a day to look after their pet. You could even bring their pets home and take care of them. Charge extra to walk or groom them.

3. Extra drama

There are TV shows and movies that need extras to sit in the background. You just need to sit in the back to earn some cash. But if you’re big on drama you can even take on an active role.

4. Critique websites

You can earn by telling companies what you think of their websites.

Be proactive in giving feedback on websites for public services, museums and companies. You don’t  have to be tech-savvy or have an eye for design, as most companies look for feedback on how user-friendly their websites are and how much more they can be. Want your voice to be heard? Here’s your chance!

5. Get crafty

Make and sell your crafts in your spare time. If you’re a dab hand at sewing or you know your way around printing and other crafts, consider selling your crafts.

Multiple websites will let you sell your creations or designs. Try it out. You may even luck out and create a successful online store.

6. Back to school 

Who’d have thought that going back to secondary school could earn you a couple of bucks?

Being paid to work in silence is like a dream come true. Don’t you think?

Schools and universities require one-off or temp roles as invigilators. So, if you have some free time during weekdays, grab this opportunity as fast as you can.

7. Customer support

Give customer support from your favorite office space—your bed!

There’s part-time and freelance work available as a remote customer support worker. Most often you’ll have to provide help through online chat rather than on the phone.

You can work evenings and from your bed. Stay within the comfort of your bed and get a bit more money.

8. Research participation

You can earn a bulk from participating in several clinical trials. From blood draws to sleep analysis and movement studies—you can scrape close to 2k in two months taking part in research studies. 

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