‘Trash’ talk: 6 ways to keep beaches clean and protect them

It’s almost the end of summer. It’s no secret that we have all had our share of Vitamin Sea. So on National Beach Day let’s talk ‘trash’—how to get rid of it from the beaches we mean and keep it clean!

Did you know there are seven billion tons of debris deposited on beaches every year? These are health hazards for people like us who use the beach recreationally and an environmental hazard for marine biodiversity that depends on it. And while you think that beach cleaning is no biggie, it actually costs a lot of money to keep the beaches clean.

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Our summers were full of beach beauty, but trash, especially plastic, is a major threat to our beaches and oceans. Beach please, not just because it’s ugly to look at, but because of the harm it does to the sea and beach life all around the world.

Beach cleaners’ costs vary greatly based on their size. There are self-propelled machines that cost anywhere up to $90,000, tractor-towed beach cleaners on the other hand can cost as little as $10,000. We don’t have to spend much if each of us can play our part in keeping our beaches clean. Here are six ways you can be beach sensitive.

Bring your own trash bag

It’s the end of summer so if you’re heading to the beach now, ensure to pack a trash bag along with your boogie boards and towels.

Leaving trash left behind is the easiest thing to avoid. When you’re done with your snacking, put your trash in the bag and throw it all away in dedicated trash bins. Moreover, it won’t cost you too much to carry a trash bag with you. Taking responsibility for our own trash is already a step in the right direction.

Reduce use of plastic

Reusable bags and containers can double up as storage for your lunch or snacks and also trash holders once you’re done. This will help you ensure that you don’t leave behind plastic bags at the beach. Bring utensils from home that you can wash later. You can even use a reusable water bottle instead of plastic cups. Every little action counts.

The gift of volunteering at beach clean ups

Beach clean-ups are a real deal — because beach littering is just as real. There are a variety of programs to help keep our beaches and oceans clean every day. So you can

  • Take part in their beach cleanup efforts.
  • Learn more about their clean water initiatives.
  • Or do it yourself! Apply for a beach cleanup permit and start your own cleaning initiative.

Pick up trash when you see it

 For most of us, beaches are an idyllic getaway from the mundane routines of life. Now if the beach has to stay idyllic, it has to be maintained well. Maintaining the beach doesn’t need to fall on the shoulders of beach workers and beach cleaners. It’s teamwork and you can take part in it too. If someone has left behind trash and you spot it, pick it up and throw it away!

Spread the word, everywhere!

Keeping our beaches clean starts with you! Then your family, that is if you keep chatting with them about these small changes you can make each day at the beach. That way you’ll help spread the word, and ultimately more people will help keep our beautiful beaches clean and happy.

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