Veterans Day 2020: 5 Ways To Say “Thank You”

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Veterans Day is one of those national holidays that are a tribute and an emotional moment for many of us: for everyone who has loved ones in the military, those who have lost, and those who have served themselves, and those who have celebrated the return of a great many women and men who have served our country.

Veterans Day is a significant holiday, it is important that we must commemorate the occasion with the younger generation while teaching our kids just why we celebrate and mark this day as special.

Every part of the country is different, but there are ways to celebrate it and COVID-19 with its second wave gives a strong reason for some events to be postponed or canceled.

Here are a few suggestions to show your respect and love to the real heroes:

1. Arrange A Luncheon

Many clubs and organizations will host lunches honoring the local service members. Hosting a lunch in your family if one of them is a veteran is the best thing to do. Inviting the civilian colleagues to learn about their military experience will not just be a journey back in time moment but a trip down the memory lane can bring back the smile on the veteran and realize how much it means to serve the country.

It never matters if it’s a casual or formal lunch because it’s a humble gesture, a token of appreciation and respect for honoring your veterans.

2. Gift A Veteran

There are no rules and guidelines to show your gratitude for veterans because it’s all about the love that you want to express towards their services. The pandemic has imposed few restrictions so it makes sense to plan with whatever options you have. Gifting is a safe and affordable way to celebrate the day. Show your gratitude by giving them a thoughtful present.

Bake their favorite cookies, cook a delicacy, or a holiday meal or a pizza that they always loved to have. Let your gifts be creative and connect with their emotions that would stay with them forever.

3. Wear A Poppy

To show your support for veterans in your community or family you can wear an American flag pin or red poppy to express your gratitude for these service members. Poppies are also known to be considered a symbol of appreciation for veterans in few countries.

4. National Two Minutes of Silence

Whether you’re at home, work, or in your car, consider taking a few minutes to show your respect for the impact members of the U.S. armed forces have made on the nation. This two-minute silence takes place simultaneously across the nation, but different times depending on individual time zones.

5. Donate To A Veterans Fund

Consider donating to a charity that serves the veterans as there are many well-known organizations both locally and nationally that serve these deserving people, including:

DAV (Disabled American Veterans) Charitable Service Trust: DAV is a non-profit charity that provides a lifetime of support for veterans of all generations and their families. They attend medical appointments, provide rides and assist with benefit claims.

Wounded Warrior Project: They support veterans who have been wounded during service with free services and programs to address the unique needs of veterans and their families.

Bottom line

Finally, it is evident that the cash crunch due to the current crisis can force you to think twice before spending on doing anything. However, Veterans Day is a significant event that should be celebrated by setting an example and leading the young generation to follow it without fail. After all, the lives dedicated by veterans for the well-being of citizens of the country must be revered and remembered for ages. Never mind if you have to spend some money there is always an emergency fund that can help you with the expenses. So keep up the spirit while you salute the men and women who gave everything for their country.

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