What’s the best time to buy furniture

The best time to buy furniture is dependent on the type of furniture that you intend to buy. If you're trying to refurnish your home or office, this article is the right read for you.

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Buying furniture at favorable times can help you save on costs. For indoor furniture, January and February or August and September can be good times. If you want to buy outdoor furniture, Summertime is more suitable.

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Furniture adds the much-needed class and beauty to your house or office, but when is it the right time to buy furniture? Shopping for those shiny tables, chairs, etc. can be tedious but not impossible. You can also save your money on various deals if you act at the right time of the year. Whether you need to buy a quaint new sofa for your room or renovate your patio, this article will help you to find the best time to do so.

How do I know the perfect time?

The best time to buy furniture is dependent on the type of furniture that you intend to buy. For instance, there is a demand for indoor furniture during the Winter or Summer season. Outdoor furniture has more demand during the 4th of July and other festivals. Custom furniture has a varying demand in the market. 

Indoor furniture

Fresh styles for indoor furniture hit the market every spring or fall. So if you want a discounted price on the furniture then consider doing so before the months of these seasons. Basically during January or February or August and September. The price of the old stock will be lowered during these times to consolidate the new style that is ready to hit the market. Presidents Day and Labor Day are very suitable times, too.

Outdoor furniture

Summer is the best time to buy outdoor furniture. Essentially during the Labor Day and the Fourth of July. New styles come to the store during mid-March and April. The store usually intends to get this stock sold by August.

Custom furniture

Custom furniture does not cost very high but you will also not find the usual discounts that retailers give on old styles. Hence, you can move ahead to buy this type of furniture without fretting about the right time. 

Some additional tips!

There is no need to rush the process. If you cannot find the most perfect pair of chairs or sofa, be patient. The furniture industry is always coming up with new aesthetic styles. So, scour the market, visit various stores, compare the deals, and then find your perfect match! If you’re in the mood to get a little thrifty, check out our blog on thrift store finds.

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