What’s the best time to buy a TV

A TV is no longer a luxury. It is a must-have in every house and every year, new models come and the urge to upgrade is hard to resist. While the grass is always greener, we're here to help you pick your next TV at the best prices of the year.

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Buying a large screen latest TV can be expensive but if you buy it around the holidays, it can be beneficial. Such seasons include the TV release cycle, Black Friday and Super Bowl time. In most cases, you get a discount on the previous year’s TV models.

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Who doesn’t like to watch a favorite show or a football game on a large screen, right? It gives great delight when you see a kid laughing or see a goal vividly through a TV. But buying the latest large-screen TV can be pretty expensive. Also, how do you know what or when is the best time to buy a TV?

We have listed down the ways through which you can get this experience at affordable rates. So let us get started with the top three periods of the year when buying a TV won’t hurt your pockets.

TV release cycle

Season: It is during the Spring.

Reason: The price of previous models go down as soon as the new TV models from different companies hit the market during this season. If you are indifferent to new releases or features, you can get a good quality model at a moderate price. 

The expectations: TV retailers say that these closeouts are on the previous year’s models and can be extended up until summer. So, you have a good window of buying a great TV at a discount.

Super Bowl Season

Season: It is during January and February.

Reason: This game is on the radar of all sports enthusiasts. The prices for many TVs will already be below since they were released a year before. 

The expectations: The sales triggered by the game start around January and extend till the period of the Super Bowl, that is February. According to Putman, people were more inclined toward buying sets of 49 and 65-inch TVs.

Black Friday

Season: It is usually the day following Thanksgiving in November.

Reasons: The TV business is booming during the holiday season. Many other TV retailers lower their prices during this time of the year. During these times, the prices are very volatile. Competitors lower or increase the price of their products in real time.

The expectations: The Black Friday promotions make the prices go down by a lot for TVs. While there are brands that create eccentric new models to sell on Black Friday. According to Wilcox, these models are like the other models but with fewer features and are called derivatives. If you cannot find a model online or see reviews, there is a possibility of it being a derivative.

Tips to buy the best TV

Go to a store

The best way to experience the quality of anything is to visit an offline store. It gives you an idea about the size and you can also compare the price with online stores.

Research social media

Many brands often make announcements about different models through their social media handles. This way, you can be the first to act on the opportunity to grab those low prices.

Be knowledgeable about price matching policy

This policy will help you save some extra bucks in case the price drops drastically. If a brand has this policy then the store is obliged to refund the money on the dropped price in the given window. However, this policy is not applied to models that are sold on Black Friday.

Do ample study online and offline

The leading retailer Best Buy is also of the opinion that Black Friday And Super Bowl season are the best time to buy electronics. However, if you are in a hurry to buy a TV, waiting might not be an option. You can still look for different offers online and offline. 

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