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Now that you know how to save hundreds of dollars on your new iPhone, the next step is to find a trustworthy place to buy a used one. Here's how you can find the right place for the right price.

buy used iphone
Buying an iPhone is expensive, but opting for a used one in good condition can be a game-changer. The best used-phone websites will provide you with some consumer protection from fraud and scams.

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An iPhone is not a want but a necessity, right? The new shiny body, advanced specs, and the camera to top it all can be a great trend to carry along. While this may all seem very tempting, the price of a new iPhone is a downer. Don’t worry you can still have a new iPhone at a much lower price if you buy a used one in great condition.

Now that you know how to save hundreds of dollars on your new iPhone, the next step is to find a trustworthy place to buy a used one. Craigslist cannot be trusted due to the fraud that festers there. Keep reading and you will be one step closer to finding your new iPhone.

Where to buy a used iPhone?

The best sites will always provide you with some consumer protection from fraud and scams. The phone pictures should be realistic, and the description should be helpful. Some of the most trusted places are as follows:


Amazon is a worldwide platform. You can buy used phones from various brands like Samsung, Apple, Motorola, LG, etc. You can also review the status of the seller by the reviews given by previous buyers. These refurbished phones with certification are allotted a 90-day warranty too. Warranties on the different phones vary according to the seller.


The seller can easily click pictures of their phones and give a comprehensive description of the condition and other important points. Buyers can leave their queries to ensure quality. Additionally, if the phone deviates from what the seller describes, you can get a full refund by eBay’s money-back guarantee.


Gazelle is trustworthy because they examine each device to check if it is working properly. The phones can be bought directly from the platform instead of by an individual. All devices can be returned in a window of 30 days.


This platform ensures that each phone is authentic and not stolen by verifying the serial numbers. Swappa requires all sellers to take pictures of the phone, and a custom listing code to ensure that it is present with them. PayPal is the standard application for all payments on Swappa.

Your Carrier

Many wireless carriers trade in refurbished phones. These phones are a bit more costly than websites because they have the guarantee of working with your carrier. You also know that these are not stolen, and you can be relieved of their warranty.

What questions should I ask while buying?

A good trustworthy site makes most of the buying process easy, but you also need to remove any other hesitancy by asking relevant questions that aren’t included in the description or pictures. 

Ask about the serial number

This number is also called ESN or IMEI. This number is important because it shows if the phone is stolen or not, and aids in the verification of the same. If it is stolen, the phone cannot be activated. This also gives surety that the phone will be operable with the carrier that you have. You can do this online or by visiting a customer service outlet.

Ask if it is bounded by any agreement 

Phones that are bound with contracts can only be activated once this agreement is over. For instance, if there is still 1 year left on the agreement, you can activate the phone only after 1 year.

Ask if the phone has sustained any water damage

Moisture can ruin the phone components. If the device has some water damage, it may look fine outside but will stop working after a while. You have to trust the seller, to be honest on this part as you cannot find water damage by looking at the phone. 

To ensure safety, instead of paying cash or through the bank, use a payment method with protection. Now that you are aware of everything that you need to do before buying a used iPhone, start scouring the websites and find your favorite model from a variety of options available.

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