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There are plenty of options to help support endangered animals. National Wildlife Day is a great opportunity to get out and do it!

Did you know that every year we lose out on more animals because the growth and expansion of human beings see no boundaries? The zoos, sanctuaries, and preservation organizations are doing their bit but even that has drastically slowed down. And National Wildlife Day is here to remind us that there are creatures out there that cannot speak for themselves, so we have to stand up and be a voice for them.

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Before you get all worked up wondering what you can do to help those poor little creatures, rest assured that there are plenty of options to help support endangered animals. National Wildlife Day is a great opportunity to get out and do it!

We know for a fact that almost every community has animal sanctuaries and zoos nearby, so take a trip with you, your family, and friends out to enjoy their exhibits.

While you’re at it, see how you can donate time and/or money, or even just spread the word about animal rights initiatives. You can even volunteer to help them organize an event or go out handing flyers to spread awareness in your community. Most people ensure to celebrate animals and their beauty. But we’ve narrowed it down to 6 ways you can celebrate National Wildlife Day.

Educate children

Educate your children on the importance of protecting our wildlife and how animal extinction is a serious deal. Talk to schools and teachers and encourage them to take students on field trips for animal welfare education. Children must be aware of the challenges faced by wildlife. This will give them a sense of urgency to volunteer or help out in whatever way they can. 

Visit a zoo or an aquarium

Since the day is set aside for animal conservation, visiting a zoo or aquarium can be a perfect start to the conversation! Moreover, by visiting one you’ll be giving money to a local organization that is solely dedicated to preserving wildlife safe. 

Most time they bring in endangered or injured animals and nurse them to recovery. 

Watch Animal Planet

This one is pretty obvious, it’s simple and self-explanatory. Animal Planet constantly airs shows on endangered species and all preservation efforts that go into it.

Donate or volunteer 

It can be a local or national wildlife organization for you to donate to or volunteer at. Some organizations are dedicated to educating the public about the environment and wildlife. They use lesson plans, applications, books, movies, and more to help further the preservation movement. If you volunteer you might get a minute or two with some animals, if not, any donation is helpful, even if it’s just $10!

You can also make your first-ever contribution will be in honor of National Wildlife Day this week. Find a charity organization that’s making a difference and make a weekly contribution of $5.

Visit a local park  

 If you want to dig deep into what an animal’s everyday life is like, visit a local park. Even if it is to take a walk, run, jog, or bike ride, the first thing you’ll be diving into headfirst in a park is wildlife. There are plenty of birds, squirrels and other animals to observe during your time there. There’s nothing like feeling like observing nature in a local park. Animals are fascinating! When you watch their habits; listen to their calls … your problems of every day seem to melt away. It’s therapeutic! So we need to preserve animals and work towards their welfare.  

Adopt a lion

As crazy as that sounds it’s not exactly like it sounds! It’s not like bringing home a puppy. Adopting a lion means funding for yourself or a friend! Your donation will help conservation efforts and you will, in turn, get a personalized adoption certificate.

Help clean up a local beach or park 

This is a double-win kind of activity! How? Well, you’re cleaning up not only a place animals call “home”, but you’re also helping the planet! Want to keep your local wildlife healthy and thriving then you can start with cleaning up your local park or beach. Plus this is your chance to get involved in your community.

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