Women’s Equality: 6 ways to shrink the gender pay gap

One change of mindset is all it’s going to take. Yet, the simple changes that should be easy to implement aren’t being made.

If you want a workplace where women thrive, then these issues need to be addressed immediately. Otherwise, the working world might just lose highly competent and qualified women.

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“What is your superpower,” they asked? “I am a woman”, she said. That’s the story of every woman out there. So, we give a loud shout-out to all the women on Women’s Equality Day. And yes, we campaign to work together to close the gender wage gap, create gender diversity and empower women.

If that didn’t make you drop the question, “how do we implement change?”, we don’t know what will. But if that question did drop in your head, here are 6 ways you can shrink the gender pay gap.

Mind the gap and don’t ignore it

Before change can happen, there needs to be an increase in awareness. When we say awareness, here’s what you should know, on average American women make 82 cents for every $1 earned by men. 

Unfortunately, for the most part, the working world was created by men—yes, men! Fortunately, this is no longer the case. The workplace is evolving to be an equal environment on all fronts. Now that the gender pay gap is out there in the open, companies are taking steps to implement gender diversity and empower more women. That’s the power of acknowledgment. But the buck doesn’t stop there. It stops when equal work results in equal pay.

Transparency in pay

Women will never be able to ask for an equitable pay raise if they have no idea what their male counterparts are earning. When pay is a closely guarded secret, women are the ones to suffer most.

By making the wage ranges for all levels of roles public, the playing field is leveled. Transparency shrinks the gender pay gap.

Fair play in hiring and promotions 

When audit reviews and promotions are regularly conducted it helps ensure the company is not systematically rating men more highly and promoting them more quickly.

If you’re an employer ensure to train your managers to understand the impact of gender bias on their decision-making. Also put clear criteria in place, one that is consistent. It will reduce bias in staffing decisions and performance reviews.

Negotiation is the new norm

Make sure the women in your organization are encouraged to negotiate. And when they do applaud them, don’t penalize them, when they do. Don’t frown upon negotiations. Period! Just hear them out.

Give women equal opportunities for advancement

Make sure the women in your organization have equal access to the people and opportunities that accelerate careers.   Expanding opportunities for women are an important strategy for raising women’s wages overall.

Make work-life balance a priority

While the gender pay gap is narrowing for youngsters, it is widening among working mothers as they are effectively suffering a pay penalty for taking time off. A significant hurdle that currently prevents women from reaching the top of their careers is the lack of childcare support.

If you want to relieve working mothers then parental leave for fathers should also be promoted. This will allow mothers to invest time into their careers and fathers to be and actively involved in childcare duties.

Companies need to support working mothers by working together in a fair and balanced workplace. This promotes productivity and allows flexibility.

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