Work From Home Day: 8 ideas for women to earn from home

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  • If you have a creative flair, run an online store to sell your craft.
  • If you adore babies, consider helping expecting parents. 
  • Allow the fashion icon from within to thrive by becoming a fashion consultant.

Women working from home is not a new concept! And thankfully work from home is an always-on culture.

Digital advancement has made everything possible. So, on National Work from Home Day, we must celebrate the women who juggle life’s responsibilities daily so gracefully.

Mothers, especially, have multitasking superpowers that make them capable of doing multiple tasks at the same time. Like being a mom, a career woman and sans going to the office. If you’re looking to find the right work-life balance, we’ve listed 8 of these work-from-home jobs below.

Food service and catering

Got talent in the kitchen and you want to exercise your cake decorating hacks more often? Then start a food-centered business. You can make cakes for special occasions, take orders for cookies and cupcakes and bake fresh loaves of bread. 

You can even create and sell food products. From gourmet peanut butter to spicy sauces and salsas; the niches available are endless. 

Baby planner

If you adore babies, then perhaps helping expecting families is your calling. Become a baby planner and give consultation services to new and expecting parents with birth preparation and beyond. You can journey with new parents through the nuances of pre-birth and post-birth experiences. 

If you have an eye for unsafe conditions and are an advocate for child safety, you can even help new mothers assess home environments for potential and hazardous conditions. Then recommend suggestions to create a safer environment for babies and children.

Running an online store

Are you one of those with a creative flair? Then consider running an online store. That way, you have lots of flexibility and low overhead costs as opposed to a brick-and-mortar retail storefront. 

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room. What do we sell? That part is up to you! You can sell your crafted items, garage sale finds, design clothing—whatever there’s a demand for. 

If you are artsy, then make and sell hand-made goodies for profit! People sell everything from homemade candles and handbags to jewelry, soap and tutus—the possibilities are endless.

Fashion consultant

Fashion is a passion! Agreed! Are you envisioning your fashion boutique but don’t have the funds to invest in a brick-and-mortar storefront? No problem! The online world is your oyster that makes online business opportunities more affordable and easier to set up—only until you have enough funds to build your store. 

Career or life coach

If you are a direct sales guru and you run a successful blog, then offer your special expertise to others. Especially those looking for guidance in a specific area. Moreover, coaching is a terrific home-based career all year round.


Take your hairstyling skills to your neighborhood. And provide services like cutting, coloring, and styling client’s hair in the comfort of your home. 

Professional organizer

Bring out the Mary Kondo within and an online organizing consultant and help professionals organize their homes and offices. You’ll be responsible for building a functional environment for your clients thereby increasing their productivity and decreasing stress and chaos.  

Anything that fits your skills and passions

Don’t force yourself to fit into the mold of what you think women in business should do or beIf you want to start a home-based business. to make it work—go for it. You may face more of an uphill battle and encounter people who underestimate you, but you keep going and follow your passion. 

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